Suicide – the ripper in the heart

Today, September 10th is World Suicide Prevention day. This poem – yes, dark and morbid – was written a while back and put aside. I’m not sure if I wrote it while feeling down or inspired, but this is the end result:

The Mind, The Heart and The Dark


Standing at the lip of a chasm,

The darkness anticipates, ripples and spasms,

This vast place, like a sentient phantasm,

Beckons you forward with enthusiasm.


The wall has formed, tall and hard,

Around a mind that feels charred,

It’s an empty, though heavy heart,

With many facets and jagged shards.


The wind that pushes and buffets is cold,

The blood pumps like frost and snow,

A nagging flicker urges you to go,

But the darkness has blocked the road home.


You have the actions and locked words to speak,

The key to free your emotions of this deep sleep,

But from this side, none is clear enough to read,

They look dishonest and insincere.


You wonder if there’s a way to resurrect,

The mind while the body is not yet dead,

If the heart still beats but no longer feels,

The love that could both hurt and heal.


It’s much easier to leave and hide,

As it takes strength to free the mind,

To drive away the dark within the heart,

And make the empty vessel shine bright.


The chasm beckons, are you ready to embark?

Snow and frost pump in the heart,

The mind observes, somewhat apart,

Which will it be, the light or the dark?



36 Replies to “Suicide – the ripper in the heart”

  1. You’ve written it amazingly well Jina. Thank you for sharing!

    It’s definitely easier to hide. Funny, because that seems to be the theme of a number of comments I’ve written recently. It’s easier to give up then continue on. Though as you said, which will it be, the light or the dark? Choosing to continue, the courage and bravery to face that, yes, it’ll be tough, but it’s the light. It’s goodness too. There’s so much awesomeness and choice out there that we could never have realised was possible. It’s impossible to see all that can be when all you see is one option in front of you. Yet there is so much that can be, that just have to believe in when can’t see. Why’m I rambling?

    Love, light and glitter

    Thank you for being here.

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