Do you know how to make money from blogging – I don’t

What better way than to ask you, fellow bloggers?


Sometimes when I want to do something new, I sit and contemplate all the right ways I could do it, then try to visualize all the ways it could go wrong.

Because I’m aware that this way of thinking can be counterproductive (I’ve had some experience in this area) I Usually only do this when that step is a huge one, a life changing event, something that is really expensive, something that could impact my style of living, etc.

I try not to do this with the small things in my life. Or even with things that are necessary in a way or another, or things that wouldn’t make a difference one way or another.

I believe most people do the same – right?

But on this last idea I’ve been contemplating, well, I’m really stuck.

It’s not a big change, or expensive or anything that will impact my life on a big scale, but it’s still something that will require a lot of my time and I really want to do it right so that I can reap the most advantage from it.

Well, now that it sounds like I’m dancing around this topic, let me tell you: I’m contemplating upgrading my blog to a self hosting platform to help with the income.

I’ve read some instructions, some tips, asked around. Now, I don’t want to change my style of blogging, I like it the way it is – but I’m open to any improvement suggestions you can give.

But – what else?

Google ads, Amazon affiliates, and all these other firms.

All the instructions are there, but never how much it will be worth. I’ve read some tips about people living in Canada, the U.S and the UK who are making a living out of blogging.

Of course, I’ve read some tips about people living in Canada, the U.S and the UK who are making a living out of blogging.

I don’t want my page to look like the commercial site for an advertising company.

So today I’m here to ask you for your advice:

Consider that I don’t need to make a living out of blogging, and because of currency differences, around a $200 per month could go a long way – which means that I’m not looking to make a lot of money, so nothing big.

Now, do you have any idea how this works, any tips on how to get greater results?

I’d appreciate it if you let me know what you know.

You can either share it at the comments below or contact me through my e-mail:



58 Replies to “Do you know how to make money from blogging – I don’t”

  1. It’s brave of you to put this question on here. Many people are wondering about the same thing, including me.
    I thought about patreon, I even added a paypal account. But nothing yet.
    I have giveb up on it to be honest.

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    1. i’ve been reading around all these great stories on how people left their job and are now making a great living from home – out of blogging.
      i don’t want to make the big bucks – or not now anyway – but i don’t know how these people can make so much. are they lying just to make good ads to keep people visiting their pages?? are they keeping the secret of the trade?
      i just want to know how – and some proof that this can really happen.
      thanks for commenting

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      1. Same here. Just a little amount to put on my saving accounts to do some fun stuff.
        However, most of it will go to tax anyhow.

        I have thought about putting commercials on my site. But personally I find them extremely annoying. And anyhow, when I see a post I never seem to end up on their actual site. I always read in a WordPress environment.

        IF EVER I make money out of my blog (which I have no clue how) I will let you know!

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      2. Same here. either money making via blogging is really a myth (because even if the theory is out there, no one really can say they are making money – or enough to count) or those who are making money don’t want to tell. anyway, someone told me about wp premium , and you can use the ads without needing the self hosting. sounds interesting, but again, ads. if anything promising comes up, i’ll write a post on it and share it with everyone.


  2. I’ve read a couple of posts on making money off blogging, and those posts did say a lot of such blogs take years to grow a big enough traffic to generate sufficient income. It started small for them, I think.

    They tend to be nonfiction, in a specific niche, and geared towards helping readers/giving readers tips and advice, and it’s the fact that their posts are aimed towards giving value to readers which makes them keep going back. I don’t know about lifestyle blogs, though these ones seem to focus on affiliate marketing.

    A lot of the posts also talk about the aim of having a large enough audience (since that’s how they make money). To do that, there’s audience engagement (i.e. responding to comments, etc.), and there’s search engine optimisation as well to make sure it’s easier to find their work.

    I wish to help, but I don’t have the experience and expertise. 😦 Do you perhaps want to directly email/ask these bloggers who’re successful in earning money off blogging? Going straight to them may give you the answers you want. All the best though!

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  3. I looked into monetizing my blog but as of now I can’t keep up with a lot. I’d say self host and try to do afffiliates. That makes more money than ads, which you can do as well. Create other social platforms to get your blog around and build traffic. It’ll take time but with the right approaches you can get there. Another way bloggers make money is to develop a product or service and sell it through their site. I believe this is the one where most income comes from.

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  4. I am with you. I don’t need to make a ton of money from my blog and I too don’t want a bunch of ads on my page. I don’t have a product to sell and my blog is not about just one thing so I guess I don’t have a true niche to target. I am guessing that there is no way to make money in this situation. Thats fine, this is more for me anyway. But, if there is a way to make a couple bucks then I would be interested.

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  5. Great post!! I wonder the exact same things. I don’t want mine to look like an AD fest either… I did upgrade and pay to install adds but then regretted it, and decided not to go through with it… I did throw in there ‘adwords’ and then only have it on for visitors rather than both visitors AND WP followers, because that’s annoying haha… I’ve made a total of one dollar and twenty two cents in six months!!

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    1. well, that’s not encouraging at all – but then again, it’s already what i was expecting.. no ads, no money..- and you need good, quality traffic to make money , even with the ads. someone told me to try going with wp premium, not a self hosting platform, and although it sounds more promising, the moeny will come from the ads again. Next time i’ll ask if anyone knows how to grow money – from the trees!

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  6. Is that end goal? I think the people who make the money are the ones who aren’t looking for it. That’s my opinion. I wish you all the luck tho! Check out Damn Girl! get your shit together. She has some great tips!

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  7. Oh man I thought I saw a total of $1 from Adsense and was like wait where did this come from?! 👀Every day says $0 – I must know! It was probably a glitch in the display. I write about apps to make money and I thought some of them were bad but then I’m researching the mysterious $1 Adsense so I’m thinking whatever I write about may be making me more than my blog ever could. It could look like a flyer and I think I’d still get $0. Some apps pay well though. More the talking ones/video interviews. Tremendously less time than my blog that may or may not have made $1. I am sure Google would get right on that if I contacted support…
    I’m hoping it just gives me an outlet to kind of figure myself out. Ebooks and ecourses I have seen mentioned and think both would be worth it – something short so that it’s not a huge time commitment (blogs are like free ebooks) and sell it for super cheap and just let it sit there and see if anyone bites. No more time to put in. If one person buys it for $1, you’d beat me. Or match me if my mysterious $1 arrives from Google.
    But jokes aside, look at some 99 cent books on amazon (the first few pages preview). Some at the top are things I think any person with a blog could write. Worst case – no one buys it. Same with blogging kind of if no one looks at it.
    I think the only way people make money is through selling stuff. And even then it takes a following. The how to make money in like a month nonsense – it’s probably making money because people wondering how to make money keep reading it.
    Prove me wrong and let us know!

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    1. haha. i did write a book and hopefully will self publish soon – although mine is a fantasy series. and no, books aren’t easy to write. it’s not the idea, i’m sure everyone has it in them somewhere. it’s the story telling. and then the editing, revising, editing and revising. then you have beta readers, accepting their critique and believing in them – they are readers after all – and then you have a cover. then you need to create a buzz around your book to make it more distinguishable than the others. it’s time consuming – unless you are J. K. Rollins or Grisham or King.i was curious at the time i wrote this post about all this ads on making money blogging, and then i thought, well, why not ask around?
      guess it’s not as easy as it’s being advertised either. thanks for dropping by and giving me your opinion.


      1. Oh I don’t think writing a book is easy at all- I mean more so that some I have seen that sell make me think it’s doable for anyone that blogs. And if I did one I’d start small and expect no one to read it – kinda like my blog 🙂 . So it’s really just how I’d have to look at it – the buzz and whatnot is too much pressure and most authors start out small… apart from the ones you mentioned. I avoid Grisham.
        I had googled just how to make money and eventually how to start a blog. A lot of thing I read said random ads get you nowhere and success ones promote products and/or services. But I was surprised and I think my family and friends don’t believe me when I say you can’t I just put ads up and then nap all day. So I hear ya
        My main thought was a blog can make nothing – in a perfect example Yet takes so much time. A book is a one time deal; and then you can do other things and I guess promote but blogging can take a while. And readers can still lead to $0.
        So not trying at all to say it’s easy – more so that you can put in the time and finish and just see. Blogging you keep editing, figuring out a topic, proof reading and maybe still editing even when a post is liked by a tond a gold what what the fans see the app tof cl people.

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      2. that’s true. something i did notice that actually makes money is the book reviews. for one, a book to be successful needs to have reviews. the more reviews, the better it sells – they are like testimonials now, two ways that book reviews make money are: 1- you write a review of a book you read and then you add the link if someone wants to buy it; 2, you offer to write the review – as a service – for writers who want their books to get out there. although for both to work, you need the write kind of followers – like, people who care about books.

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      3. That’s a good point – marketing a product is I think lucrative but you need some following I guess – I think of all the times I googled review and read as much as I felt like. There was no reasoning behind it. Except I’d sometimes skip over the pages that look ultra commercialized until I’m reading about like Nintendo on page 50 ha. A following probably influences way more people but I trust the random things more. I also think I wouldn’t be great at affiliate marketing. I just don’t buy enough. And either love or hate it and doubt anyone will pay me to hate it. I barely write reviews but yelp emails me a lot saying how many read the few I wrote which is wayyyy more than my blog. Maybe yelp should have an affiliate program..
        Books are more personal to me than anything on yelp though. I don’t think I’d share a review – it’s more just my personal perspective. So I need to go back to wandering for money since I reject lucrative ideas. But let me know when you put out your book! I have a feeling I’ll like it based off the authors you mentioned and I’ll write a nice review 🙂

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      4. Thank you! my book is a fantasy story, about the fee and three beings of another planet who had the power to kill an entire planet without realizing what they were doing. my story is based on the point of view of the offspring of a fee and one of these beings – as she runs away from the human gov, because they want to study her abilities and find a way to duplicate it. tomorrow morning i’ll be posting an excerpt on my book. and if you want, just to know if you like, 0.5 will be available on my blog for free.
        and yes, you got it right, reviews are the personal opinion of each individual reader. you have no idea how many ‘hate’ reviews i’ve read. like someone told me once, even bad publicity is publicity.
        and now you might wonder why? that’s because a negative review states all the things that reader didn[‘t like, i.e, too much violence, too much graphic hmmm mature scenes, or maybe it had too much dry humor, or too much romance. the list is endless, and when someone else read it, they might find something that appeals to them and actually buy the book. you could go search on , let’s say 2 star book reviews and get an idea. i’ve actually seen some bloggers who charge 25$ per review, other who charge 5$. it all depends on your popularity.


      5. I’ll check it out! Sounds interesting. I love sci-fi and dystopia type books but this actually sounds different.
        I’ve been told that bad reviews happen because people are just more likely to go complain than to say if they like something. I’m on both sides but I have to feel pretty strong about it to write a review – best thing ever or you are ruining my entire life.
        Although I’ve sort of started writing reviews with google maps for local guides but not much.. I don’t think I’m ever a 3 star reviewer (unless it pops up and makes me just click a star) – it’s usually 1 or 5. Maybe a 2 or 4 but rare.
        It’s really interesting what you say about the hate reviews and I can now see it that way. I don’t write 3 star reviews because it’s like saying I’m neutral and that’s it. But a hate or love is going to have a lot of specifics and not everyone loves the same thing so they may read a hate review and love what that person/reviewer hated.
        I will be sure to make my hate reviews more hateful 😈. I don’t really touch on books unless someone asks if I know of one they may like. I did push hunger games on people before the movies…some listened. The ones that didn’t eventually read it after the movies. It was my first book love. And because I was sick and got bored of Netflix. Sometimes things are that random and then you love all things dystopian.
        Probably not what you want to hear but less pressure if there can be those random wildcards that decide your book is amazing and promote it to anyone that will listen. I’m not sure if I ever hated a book and finished it. I think I’d just stop reading it.. I get disappointed at endings sometimes but if I’m reading the end I didn’t hate it. I feel like that should apply to everyone… if they finished the book, how can they really hate it. Right? I think you have a way better grasp on how to make money than I do! And so cool ideas. Looking forward to your book!

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      6. hehe. but be sure to give the reasons for your hate. and oh, i totally get what you mean with the hunger games. i did the same with the throne of glass and court of thorn and roses series. no one listened to me though, and since there aren’t any movies out, no one cares. and about google maps, let me give you a tip: I, as a blind person, seldom check that because the descriptions come with images. if you make it more accessible to people who can’t see – and add that it’s accessability ready – your traffic will probably increase. Good luck!

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      7. Oh I post on google maps sometimes. I think my photos get more reviews but it’s just if I have a photo. I guess no one likes my writing! And for food I like seeing photos but well with google….I clearly don’t have a say in what they do! I’d love to help out in other ways though so if there are things apart from words like audio – hey I’ll do it. Just I guess to give a little more context maybe. My photos are like a pool and curly fries. I take so many pics my phone is now getting real mad so I can’t take pics of store fronts and whatnot.
        I will download now and no I won’t say what I hate! And I’m sure I won’t. I really can’t think of a book I hated. It’s like bored or I’m in love. Well law books. So I took pics of my dog sleeping on my law books. Maybe she could have gotten better grades than me. I can’t believe you wrote a book and you are blind and you have a blog. And way better ideas on making money than myself. My mom has a student that loved to read but really loved to draw and he had eye surgery over the summer and is almost entirely blind after that. I think maybe some light but not really color. It’s sad. My mom said he was so excited about his surgery before. So if you have any ideas – let me know for both you and reviews and for a young boy that recently went almost entirely blind (I believe around second grade).

        I’ll get back to you on your book!

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      8. oh, such a young age. i was on my early twenty’s when i went blind… . i can help by providing web pages that downloads assistive softwares for blind people for free. maybe we should talk more. my e-mail is
        i used to draw as well, and i was actually pretty good at it. it’s one of the things i regret not being able to do. and about your reviews, definitely keep the images, they draw attention, but think about it like this, imagine yourself describing something to someone over the phone. i can help with that if you want. pass me the review and i’ll tell you if it’s descriptive enough, or tag me with a link to your post. i check most posts everyday, but i’m also a mother of three hoolegans , so sometimes i just have no time. if you want, connect me with your mom. i think i can help the kid.

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  9. Read Crush It! by Gary Vee.. He is a motivational speaker and has made millions on blogging using social media as a marking tactic. He even talks about WordPress in Crush It! I listen to the book and its amazing to give yourself a different perspective on the internet.

    Also you can look into affiliated marketing or email marketing that will create passive income through your blogging website.

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