When Dreams Crash With Reality

Every time I try my hands at poetry, something morbid comes out. No springy flowers here.

This is just a little poem I wrote a while back. Hope you enjoy!


I thought I was unique, one of a kind, something new.

I thought I was different, always happy, never blue.

I was a determined person, and I had enough ambition to see my goals through.

I was a dreamer, and so I had many dreams I wanted to pursue.

I would see them to fruition and nothing and no one could block my view.

I had enough faith in myself; I believed that there was nothing I couldn’t do.

Oh, I was realistic enough to know there’d be obstacles in my path too.

But I believed if I never gave up, there was no problem I couldn’t outdo.

I was wrong, and disappointment came and decided to take root.

I learned that dreams are complicated creatures, full of phases and masks askew.

And that they don’t always come true.

Sometimes I can almost see the face of my dream, overcome a phase or two.

But I do know now that many dreams are built with nothing but hay and bamboo,

Strong at times, but easy enough to subdue.

Am I still unique, with all the dreams I never outgrew?

Inwardly, I still believe in the things I can no longer do.

But enough external obstacles keep me standing still, shackled, with my feet glued.

Sometimes I backtrack and try other paths, and here dreams have a different hue.

Sometimes, all I find are other obstacles, and here I falter and review.

Will my dreams ever realize, or are they nothing but taboo?

But a dreamer has nothing without dreams, and so I backtrack and renew.

Again and again I’ll take my cue, until my dreams finally come true.


I want to thank everyone who voted for my book, Heir of Ashes on the TCK Readers Choice award. And thank you twice to everyone who did it twice for the vote to register.

If you didn’t vote but would like to, votes are still open.

Check my last post for instructions: https://authorsinspirations.wordpress.com/2019/03/18/help-me-win-this-award/

And thank you!



67 Replies to “When Dreams Crash With Reality”

      1. ok not die per se, they lose the charm as they transform into reality. its like the caterpillar turning into butterfly, depends on how you visualize your dreams, as the butterfly or the caterpillar.

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    1. Well, Teri, my muse doesn’t give me the opportunity to write poems often, but when I do, i usually hide it – so not that brave after all. This one’s been sitting forgotten in a file i didn’t know i still had. Thanks for the visit and have a nice day.

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  1. It’s a wonderful poem, Jina! And I could so well relate . . . but I’m going to keep the faith that dreams, somehow, when we least expect, do come true in one form or another. Keep writing, Jina!!

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      1. I don’t know. The ones that are impossible can often be modified. For example, I’ll never be an astronaut now but I could, maybe, someday (if I dedicated everything to it) work my way into NASA making it possible for someone else, visit the International Space Station after winning the lotto in 2022, or just look at the stars, imagining and reading stories of what could be happening out there.


  2. Wow! Jina, you might not write poetry often but when you do they strike home! A powerful reflection on the multi-faceted aspect of dreams … their hold over us, their nebulous nature. As you write:

    ‘I learned that dreams are complicated creatures, full of phases and masks askew.’

    A beautiful reminder for us never to give up dreaming … may yours come true! xx

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