Me again!

 “Sing like no one’s listening,

love like you’ve never been hurt,

dance like nobody’s watching,

and live like it’s heaven on earth.”

–Mark Twain

I read this a few weeks ago , and it stuck with me. These past few months have been hard on me, on the majority of the world. A lot of people passed away, many still will.

It’s been a while – months – since I last posted here. I didn’t spend these months wallowing in sadness and self-pity.

I read a lot, I wrote a lot, I queried many agents and publishing houses. I let my kids drive me crazy, though I’ve never been sane to begin with, so they only needed to take me around the corner.

I even created a facebook author page. I’m posting the link below – I’m in need of followers! If you have a page, give me a follow and I’ll follow back. I’ve also updated my books here on my blog, and started posting on fb.

This week, I decided it’s time I started writing reviews for the books I read, to return to wp, and straighten my routines again.

I’m hoping to connect again to the friends I made here – looking forward to making rounds again!

My new fb author page:


71 Replies to “Me again!”

  1. Welcome back, Jina! I took two months off the end of 2020 myself. It was a rough year for all. Congrats on all you accomplished with querying, writing, and reading.

    I deleted my Facebook account several years ago, so I can’t give you a like, but I look forward to seeing your blog posts again!

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  2. This has been a tough year, Jina. As hope rises on the horizon, it seems a good time to regroup. Congrats on trying the FB avenue. I gave it up for lack of time a few years ago, but I know many authors who use it as their main platform. And thanks for the Twain poem. Rather wonderful, I’d say. Welcome back!

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  3. So glad to see you back in the swing of things. Sometimes we just need to step away for our own sanity. I followed your author page and shared it, although the share came up on my personal Facebook account. For some reason, I was having trouble getting it to post on my author page.

    And you might have already followed it, but in case you haven’t, it’s here:

    I know what you mean about trying to get back into a better groove. I’m trying to simultaneously manage review groups on goodreads, actually use the Bookbub platform, and I’m giving Story Origin a go to build my newsletter audience. And I’m at least trying not to ignore Facebook.

    And of course, I’m trying to actually write again. I’m just working my way around a massive block.

    2020 was a terrible year. So far, the news isn’t convincing me that this one’s going to be much better, but I’m trying to make my personal corner of it a little better.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you do the same. Email link is on the sidebar of my blog. : )

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    1. Thanks Cathleen. I’m not convinced 2021 will be better either, but we can’t just let circumstances dictate how we’d live. We do what’s good for us and hope it’s the right thing to do.
      Thanks for the offer – I’ll probably be sending you messages on and off 😉

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  4. I love that poem 🙂

    Welcome back, I took a few months away from blogging too as I couldn’t balance the end of my degree with blogging and the state of the world. It’s been a hard year for everyone and I hope you and your family managed to stay safe.

    I’ve finally been persuaded a Facebook page may be a good idea, so when I make my page I’ll give you a follow 🙂

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  5. Jina, it’s lovely you’re back! 😀 It is the most dreadful of times and I was away last Spring to regroup my thoughts and emotions. Well done for persevering with submissions and good luck to them. I’m not on FB so can’t connect or follow you there but I’m sure it will grow quickly. BTW. I love the Mark Twain quote and one I’ll file away. A good reminder for us all!

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    1. I missed being here!
      I didn’t find your author page so I sent you a friend request. I’m not fb savvy, so please send me an invite and I’ll like and follow your page.
      Thanks for the follow and for dropping by, Teri!

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