About authorsinspirations

About authorsinspirations:


This blog is to address the difficulties and successes of people who write a book and can’t manage to snag the interest of an agent/publishing house and what happens next. It’s not a professional blog that gives professional advice, but rather a personal experience that connect with other people’s experiences.

This blog will also try to connect and address the difficulties and successes of women with disabilities and the trials they go through to reach their goals. Being a woman with disability going through the trials of editing my own book after receiving my own shares of rejections, I’d like to hear about other people who’ve been through this process, and about women with disabilities who have had difficulties but who don’t let their disabilities – or external factors – stop them from reaching a goal.

I have a disability, but my disability doesn’t have me.

In this blog all are welcomed to comment and share and help others by talking about their personal experiences.


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