Ever stopped to consider the olive oil you enjoy so much?

The Harvest of Peace
November is the month of olive harvest in the Middle East.

While travelling through the holy land, one can find fields upon fields of olive trees. As one of the most prominent evergreens in the Mediterranean, it can be seen on the hillsides, in the valleys, between houses, even on backyards and front yards.
Olives are sacred trees among the Arabs, a symbol of life and resistance, for even hollow, old and gnarled, they can still bear fruit. They are also…
For the 15th edition, Conscious talk asked, what’s going on in your side of the world in November?
At the time I thought, well, nothing.
Later that day my family and I were talking about collecting olives and how it was almost time to start collecting them.
Now, most of you already know I was born and raised in Brazil, and when I was growing up I was a monkey girl, climbing on mango trees, guava trees, avocado trees (which I couldn’t really climb they are so tall!), Brazilian grapes and so on. But olive trees was something I’d never seen then, though I think that our olives here look something like the coffee tree a childhood friend of mine had planted on her front yard. We’d play around it sometimes, and when it bore fruit – and no, it doesn’t smell like coffee – we’d play with it, throw it on one another.
Have you ever seen an olive tree before? A coffee tree?
Now, here in the middle east I’ve never seen a coffee tree, but the olive trees look a little like them, though I think they (the coffee trees( don’t grow as much, or live as long.
And there it was, I had something to tell about this side of the world during the month of November. Inspiration hit me like a bolt and it was like writing a scene on a book I had outlined. The article just flowed so well!
Did you know that olive trees can grow so old; they can live for thousands of years?
Check the article by clicking on the link above.

8 Replies to “Ever stopped to consider the olive oil you enjoy so much?”

    1. I was one of these people once, and i’m not really sure when i began wondering and reading the back labels and wondering who, or wherethe package was made, and by whom. weird questions i know, and my daughter’s inherited this side.


  1. Love olive oil and love trees. I was a “monkey girl”, too, but guess maybe I should say “squirrel girl” since my tree climbing days were in Arkansas, not Brazil. Now that I can’t see the trees, I sometimes “listen” to them–wind in the leaves and branches. In November it’s a crisper sound, a very soft clack-clack. The leaves are changed or changing color. Many have already fallen to the ground for me to crunch under foot. I’m heading to the link to your article on Conscious Talk. Nice November thoughts. Thank you, Jina.

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