Creepy eight leggers

Little buggers might have been helping me

Every now and then, my kids will enter my room and play there.
Under the bed, inside the closet, on my exercise/clothe hanger bycicle, atop the dresser.
I usually let them if it’s too cold for them to go out- it’s easier to clean up one room then an entire house full of toys. Right?
Every now and then, my kids will shout to me they found a bug.
Now, a bug to my kids could be anything from a small ant to a small sized snake.
Because there are bugs and snakes that even small can be dangerous, whenever they tell me there’s a bug, I send someone to check. Most often than not, the bug is a mere tiny ant. And no, no one ever found a snake in my room, not even in the summer when my kids would leave the screen of the windows open.
Last night, after the hurricane left my room, I entered to clean it. While I was doing so, I did something I haven’t done in ages: I brushed the broom to the ceiling, to the corners.
And it rained spiders on me.
Alright, they were only a few, but their legs were creepy long.
Now, imagine having spiders crawling over you while you can’t see them and find out how many were there?
I’ll spare you of my mad dance around.
Did I ever tell I’m afraid of spiders?
Yes? It’s a phobia I’ve had ever since I was a little kid and watched the ‘arachnophobia’ movie – a movie were giant spiders ate an entire town (those movies should be banned).
My eldest son, an eleven year old with a big chip on his shoulder, checked the spiders and informed me the webs were full of mosquitoes, that perhaps I should leave them be since I’ve been complaining about the mosquitoes keeping me awake at night for so long – it’s January for God’s sake, shouldn’t they (the mosquitoes) go hibernate somewhere warm?
Of course I took all the spiders down – or let my son do it for me – since I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all knowing they were watching me sleep.
So. Creepy.
So now I have a spotless bedroom, spider free, though I’m not sure if I just made it a free mosquito zone. We’ll see.


18 Replies to “Creepy eight leggers”

  1. Not that I’m afraid of them, but I would have freaked a freak if I were in your position and that happened to me!! When we were kids we read a book called “Be Nice to Spiders” so I understand why it’s important to leave them alone to eat bugs and such. Still…that would have creeped me out too!

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      1. I’m always happy when January arrives. Not that I want time to fly by, but December is a mad house! At least this year I didn’t get sick. Ha ha. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and wish you a fantastic 2018!

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  2. Oh no! That’s quite a dilemma. I’d rather not have any of them, but I would also want a clean room… perhaps you’ll know in a few days if it’s better, and if it’s not, then let the mosquitoes settle in the webs again! Good luck.

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    1. ah, but i wish i was half the woman Hellen was. I am, indeed only one, and i do refuse to let people do for me what i can do for myself . i think this persistence comes from an instinctive need to proove to oneself that even with a disability, we can still function and be independent.
      thank you.

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  3. I’ve never been afraid of spiders. I’ve always thought of them as the creatures who take care of the flies, mosquitoes, and other annoying flying critters. Now then, mice are a whole other matter. That’s where my phobia lies.

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