The sky was a dark, roiling mess
The clouds grey storms of excess
Glimpses of the moon could be seen,
A beautiful and indifferent queen.

The ocean crashed and clashed
With the tree strewn sands of the empty beach
Unseen lightening flashed and flashed
While thick mists engulfed the streets

The once green land heated and boiled
Soon the volcanoes bubbled and exploded
And bathed the lands in red lava.
And all living things succumbed to the fire

Tectonic plates shook and slipped
As in accord, made the land tremble and shake
Buildings and homes danced and cracked
And left behind ruins of empty nests

What was left was killed by drought and fire
A world where selfishness and greed were admired
Nothing was left because humans couldn’t preserve
This gift of nature they didn’t deserve.
By Jina Bazzar


28 Replies to “Revenge”

  1. Very good, I love it! You should enter it in a contest somewhere. Do you subscribe to Freedom With Writing? How about Submittable? Or Wow-Women on Writing? I have more places to submit your work if you don’t find opportunities there. 😊

    Liked by 2 people

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