Owning my disability

Owning my disability

“I wasn’t born blind, you know?” I once told an acquaintance of mine and shocked her speechless. The first thing she had wanted to know was which was harder, being born blind or becoming blind at an age when you had the world at your fingertips….

14 Replies to “Owning my disability”

  1. Salute to the brave lady ❤❤ You really inspired me. You are a true fighter and amazing person. I’m in love with your persona. You really are inspiration to the world. Not quitting even when the circumstances wanted you to be, really shows how strong person you are from inside. Truly jina this post of your really inspired me. You such a amazing person and a pure soul. Keep going and keep inspiring others.

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      1. I do believe that a lady like you will tend to become a great writer and a great leader for those women who have lost their way in front of their disability. Your incidence is a proof that one cannot be disabled if he/she chooses to be. How you tackle circumstances in life is really inspirational. I consider my grandmother and my mother, as my role model and you are added in that list too. You are a great mother and a great blogger your children must be very much proud of you jina. Keep up the good work and keep inspiring people like me.

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