Chapter 1 – The Secret

Chapter 1 The Secret… Yoncey Fosch was a cunning man. A fee – or a Dhiultadh – a half one, since his mother had been a notorious earth witch. He was a man of many qualities, excellent attributes. He was ridiculously rich, having had centuries upon centuries of accumulated wealth bestowed upon him by his …


Writing prompt contest: Star Dust – short story

STAR DUST The boy watched the land burn. Beside him, Tranal, his mentor stood watch, a horn in his hand. They were waiting to sound the alarm. If the methane well started leaking, he would have to evacuate. The boy knew it was a matter of time, but the elders were hopeful. Diggers were trying …

All time passport

The imagination carries an all-time passport, everywhere, anywhere. When I write, I let my imagination loose. It goes everywhere, anywhere, any time, all the time. And the best of all? No immigration can stop it, alien, human, fee, monsters, superheros . . . NO ONE! It’s my ticket to the galaxy and beyond.

Writing prompt contest: Alien Lord – short story

One more short story! This week’s prompt is: A bartender and a patron are having a conversation. Unbeknownst to them, someone sitting close by—obscured by shadows—has been eavesdropping. The eavesdropper has trouble sleeping that night based on what he or she heard. What could it have been? And check out last week’s prompt winner:

We’re having a writing prompt contest!

This week’s writing contest is on! Stop by the Page-a-Week Writers Club, where we’re having a contest this week around this writing prompt: Your main character goes back in time 20 year… Source: We’re having a writing prompt contest!

motivating creativity: baking for the imagination (cookies – brazilian)

Motivating creativity: Baking for the imagination (condensed milk cookies – Brazilian) Again another Brazilian sweet (I’m very fond of my childhood snacks) one I went about ten years without, until my brother’s wife passed on the recipe a few years back. I went nuts with it, irritated my family with the repetition. Now that the …