The influence of technology on children

Early in the month Conscious Talk Magazine asked its columnists what we thought about how today’s children were being influence by technology.

It’s a topic affecting children worldwide, In some countries more than others, and and I’d appreciate your intake from your side of the world.

Note that I’ll respond to comments left either here or on the magazine.


How far will technology go?

Gone are the days when kids would wake up with the early birds, pick up their favorite ball or bicycle then go out to gather their friends to play.

Now a days, kids want to wake up late, watch the latest show on TV, and play the latest game on their Play Stations. Around two decades ago….

Is it an ornament or a digestive noose?

Aside from being a useful accessory for many, belts can also be considered ornaments, a final touch that adds more panache to what a person wears. Around dresses, pants, even long shirts.

But these pretty ornaments are actually not as harmless as people believe. Aside from hurting the wallet, these accessories can actually be dangerous to our health.

A constricting belt – or waistband, can cause the following:

  1. When worn tight around the waist, it can work as a digestive noose, preventing the blood to flow normally; the food and gas from moving down.
  2. It can cause acid reflux, consequently resulting in discomfort and heartburn – which is the result of stomach acid in the esophagus.
  3. Stomach ache and lower back pain can also be the result of a tight belt or waistband, which happens when the pressure compresses the nerves on your lower back.
  4. It can also cause your legs to tingle, numbness or a burning sensation; a condition doctors call meralgia paresthetica.

Never thought that pretty thing you keep tourniqueted around your waist could be so evil?

Well, only when it’s worn wrong or too tight can a belt or waistband cause any harm. The right belt, or one that is a size bigger, or loosely worn around the waist is considered nothing but a fashion statement.

If you aren’t sure about that beautiful belt you have inside your closet, just make sure that two fingers are easily inserted between belt and skin.

Naming fiction characters – Are you stuck?

Did you ever start writing a story and just got lost in the flow of words? The story is all laid out in your mind and the scenes are coming out perfectly and then suddenly BAM! You have no idea who this character is, or what to name him?

Yesterday my article on how to name a fiction character was published on Conscious Talk Magazine, and I’m going to share it here with you.

Also, to those participating in the coming NaNoWriMo next month, here’s something that will help smooth the way for you.


Fiction Writing: How to choose fitting names for your characters

Giving the characters of your book fitting names is often a very frustrating process. One that, unfortunately, every writer has to go through. Imagine a nursery full of babies. All the countless names. Now imagine that nursery full of adolescents, children, elder men and women, throw in some pets. The writer will have to enter that nursery, clipboard and pen in hand….


Savannah Esposito – Wife, blogger, columnist, and a mother-to-be

In today’s post I want to present to you Savannah Esposito, a woman of many talents. She’s a newly married woman, a soon to be mother, a student of Forensic Psychology, and she’s a proud owner of two cats.

Aside from all that, Savvy also runs a blog that covers a variety of topics ranging from babies, mothers-to-be, parenting and family, sex and relationship. And she’s a fellow columnist at conscious Talk Magazine! (How do you manage all that without losing focus?)

Here are a few of Savvy’s articles, and they are amazing:

And if you like Savvy’s articles and want more, Check out her facebook page as well.


The Five Stages of Love: Why Most People Give Up Around Stage Three


What is the secret to lasting love? How do people have marriages that last over thirty years? The answer to those questions remains in the stages that love goes through. Like anything else, love has stages of development and evolution. Societally speaking, most movies display the first stage of love, which we are all familiar with– the infatuation stage. Movies portray that you meet your “soul mate” and there is a magical happily ever after. Movies never show the next stages of love, and so we are left with…


The Five Love Languages


In relationships, there are varying things that make each one of us feel loved. Some of us love to spend time with our significant other, others love getting thoughtful gifts. All of us are individuals, and often in relationships we forget…..


Child Attachment Styles And Parents Influence On Their Child


Each child is different and will have different needs. The relationship between parent and child is crucial to healthy development. Everyone has heard of “Nature versus Nurture,” but there are psychologists who prefer thinking of that idea as “Nature via Nurture.” In truth, it’s the combination of…

Didi Oviatt – fellow blogger, columnist and author

Like I said on my last post, today I’m going to start sharing some of the best articles of some of my teammates from the magazine.

Let’s meet Didi Oviatt, who’s also a blogger, one that I began following even before we began writing for Conscious Talk Magazine, her writing is amazing!

Didi is also a talented author, having published several books and collection of suspenseful short stories. You can read more about her and her books in her Amazon page here.

Some of Didi’s latest articles from the third edition of conscious talk are:

Conscious Thoughts: Interracial Couples

Humans are funny about opinions. We all have one, but we all have a rear end too. Is it really necessary to push it onto someone in disagreement? Especially when its sole purpose is harmful, and its intention is to be disrespectful to a fellow person?


Should Marijuana be Legalized Nationwide in the U.S.A.? Conscious Thoughts

The list of diseases and medical ailments that Marijuana helps to slow, treat, and minimize symptoms could be amongst the longest lists in medical history!


You Know Your Strong Willed Child Better Than They Do

Lots of people maybe in a hurry to give advice or to judge. Especially on matters that they might not actually know much about, such as how someone else is parenting a strong-willed child.

Conscious thought: Cannabis

Conscious talk is back online.


A week ago it had to go offline because the site caught a gremlin (who knew these things were real?).


Now, a week later, the site got a new once over, a touch up and is looking pretty good.

And no more gremlins!


In the next couple days I’ll be sharing with you guys a teaser of an article, both mine and my colleagues at the magazine, so stay in tune.


I’ll start today with a conscious thought, which is a topic everyone in the team writes an article about.


Today’s topic is:
Cannabis for medicinal use. Should cannabis be legal? And what’s my country’s stand on it?


Now, I’ll confess I’m pretty naïve, because when I read cannabis, I had no idea what that was. So I went online to research, wondering, how can I write about something I’ve never heard about?


Here’s what I came up with:


Cannabis is just a polite name for marijuana:

The moment I heard the word ‘cannabis’ and ‘medicinal usage’ put in the same sentence, I went Google searching. I have come to realize, during this brief internet research that the cannabis plant is used in many medicinal researches against many illness and diseases…



So, have you ever heard about cannabis before?

What do you think? Should marijuana be available for medicinal usage?

I’d appreciate a comment from you, either here or at the link.


Three Important Concepts in Communication within Relationships

Three Important Concepts in Communication within Relationships

Relationships are something we desire, yet we don’t always know how to attain or even maintain them. Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship, or simply in the beginning stages of dating, one of the most important aspects of a relationship is communication. There often are times when we hear that someone got married and within two years they get divorced. One main psychological theory is that …

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Parenting Styles, Attachment, And Finding A Balance

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