An update on my last post, Cyberthief.

More than three weeks after I’ve been hacked, I finally managed to get things in order–more or less–but I’m almost there!

Girl reaching for the moon – according to Pixabay

There was plenty of banging my head on the desk, but I finally decided to try a different route. I hunted an old correspondence with KDP, and after some back and forth and hair-yanking, I finally got permission to create a new account. ✌

I lost all info save for ratings and reviews, but at least I’m back on track.

I also managed a new facebook:

Come befriend me!

My facebook author page is floating, untethered, in cyberspace. I’ve been told there’s no way to recover it.

I’m going to give another shot at creating a newsletter, though even as I’m writing this, I’m sighing, aware of how daunting and unfruitful my previous attempts have been. But I can’t stop thinking that if I had a newsletter, I could reach my followers/fans – regardless that they were only a few hundred – and let them know that I’d be moving someday soon.

But that’s a topic for a future post, or not.

This week, I’ll be spending time in my KDP dashboard, preparing my upcoming books for preorder.

Wish me luck!


30 Replies to “Finally!”

  1. Oh, how I’ve missed you, Jina! 💕💕 I’m so sorry you got hacked, but I’m glad you’re getting back on track. I can’t imagine all the head banging you must’ve been doing. I’ll send you a friend request on FB. I’m Mimi Hawke there because that’s what my grandbabies call me. 🙂 💕


    1. Hey!
      You were on my mind the other day. I wondered if you stopped blogging since I haven’t seen a post from you. I’ll check the request on fb – thanks!
      And thanks for dropping by – I’m glad to see you.
      Hope you have a wonderful week.

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  2. That is excellent news. I spend lots of time stressing over the ‘what if’s. I have lots of backups I can get retrieved quickly just in case. But, not for SM which I have a hate-love with. Amazon–that would be awful to be shut down there. Glad things are finally working out.

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  3. I just read your first post about this. I’m glad you have things more sorted out now. It doesn’t seem fair, Jina. I hear of people getting their Facebook page back after being hacked, but I have no idea how they do it. Wishing you luck on getting your preorder up.

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    1. Some people get it back because they see the facebook email saying that the password was changed. Mine came at night. By the time I saw it, the password and email had been changed. My brother tried recovering it, but then they wanted the code sent to the phone – which was the hacker’s phone.
      I sincerely wish this hacker, from the bottom of my heart, all the headache, frustration, and difficulties I’ve faced X 10, for the rest of his/her life.
      What can I say, I’m sweet like that 🙂

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  4. Congrats on getting an author page set up, Jina. What a nightmare. Once you upload your books, try again to get Amazon to link your old and new ASIN numbers. They should be able to do that and save your reviews. And great to hear that there’s a new book coming. I hope everything goes smoothly. Hugs.

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