Broken Heart Attack – Review

I read this one a couple months ago, but with the way life is going lately, I kept *cough* putting writing the review off. Yes, I’m a horrible person! In my defense, I’d find myself thinking about what I wanted to write for the review at odd times – while doing the dishes/cleaning, cooking, taking a shower. But whenever I was done and seated in front of my laptop, something always came up. And so *wince( two months went by.

Well, here’s what I thought:

My review:

Another great read! James J. Cudney is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.

He knows how to build a plot and make it complex to the point where the reader is wondering how the heck things are going to tie at the end.

Kellan has so much going on in this book, I felt sorry for him. Between his Nana, another murder, his job, the sheriff, and ghosts from the past, I wanted to reach out and give him a hug. Poor thing!

But the marathon kept me engaged, annoyed every time I had to stop reading to check on something.

As usual, there are the funny moments balanced in with the more serious ones, mostly with Kellan trying to keep his Nana out of trouble – and waking with a hangover later. But just when you think the old lady is cruel, she makes up for it.

I don’t find myself reading many murder mysteries, but this one’s got a touch of everything, intrigue, humor, compassion, some detective work – to name but a few.

I enjoyed this read as much as the other books I read by this author, but this time, with the character growth and the hints of things to come, I was left with some book hangover of my own!

I can’t wait to pick up the next book and see what other mess life has in store for Kellan!

Lovers of cozy mysteries with some sleuthing and humor, this one is for you!



67 Replies to “Broken Heart Attack – Review”

  1. Jina,

    This is a fantastic review. You are not horrible. I totally understand life coming first… getting reviews online is never as easy as it appears. But I appreciate all your support. You’ve been very kind and generous. I love how the book almost gave you a bit of a hangover just like Kellan. You’ve nailed his personality perfectly. I’m grateful, thank you very much.



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  2. Great review, Jina! I introduced my father to Jay’s books after reading a previous review you shared. He really enjoyed it. I’ll have to send him the link for more of Jay’s book. I’ve got one or two on my Kindle that I need to move up in the queue.

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    1. Ah, there is the mention of extra time again. I still have to find this fabled myth. My reading time (and quiet hours) shrank after things (and by things I mean schools) closed down. We can always start The Horrible People Club if this crisis goes on 😉

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    1. Hi Diana! So sorry for the late response. Quarantine took all my social media time away. Hope everything is great on your side and that you and yours are safe. And I hope you’re spending your time doing lots of writing and reading!

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      1. Hi Eliza! No, I closed the comments because I didn’t want to be rude to people who read and left a comment when I don’t know when I’d be able to reply. But thanks for your concern, you’re a great person. Hope you’you have a great week!

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