This wasn’t my original post


A scan through headlines every morning gives me a sense of doom, a flashback of dystopian and pre-apocalyptic books I’ve read throughout the years.

Whether aliens, nuclear weapons, biotech destruction–all the books have one thing in common with this coronavirus: mass hysteria.

I wasn’t going to write about this pandemic, I had another post in mind, one with less drama and dread and with an update about my writing. But… this virus is spreading around the world like an ill wind, and suddenly our big, wide world shrank in size and nowhere is far enough.

People dying by the thousands, restrictions, bans, price gouging, quarantines, talk of judgment day and all the finger pointing on who’s the cause. I read the headlines, and I feel half caught in the world of fantasy. It makes me wonder when this pandemic ends, will the blame and accusations without the fear evolve into raging anger and take us to the next step: World war?

People try to underplay the coronavirus by saying it’s just a virus with flu characteristics. It’s a virus, indeed, and as virus do, they infect and they spread. Only this one is highly contagious with a (high?) mortality rate that differs from place to place.

People wonder whose fault it is, where exactly did it start? It could have started in the jungle, in the market, in a pot plant, it could have escaped a lab, a cave, or attached to a person in a flight from place to place. These speculations, at least in the moment, are doing no one any favor. Regardless where it started, it started, it’s spreading, and there’s no end in sight.

We, humanity, have seen pandemics before–The Bubonic Plague, The Red and Yellow Fever, The Spanish Flu–to name but a few. Those have killed millions, if one dare read the accounts, and it took years for them to end (and I’m not counting the occasional appearances still happening), but they didn’t travel as swiftly as this coronavirus.  The difference? This last virus is taking advantage of technology. Long ago, it took months for a virus to reach another continent, today, it takes hours.

Every politician and doctor and people who is who got up and told people not to panic. They go on TV and teach the common folk basic hygiene lessons we learned as children–how to sneeze, cough, eat healthy, and they expect that’s enough to keep people calm. In turn it caused shortages of cleaning supplies, sanitizers, and what not, and people are panicking regardless. Coughing and sneezing? That’s become the new threat to humanity. If someone coughs in public, people scatter in fear.

Enterprises and every commerce are afraid of the impact of the virus in their economy, and so the country wouldn’t lose money, they failed  to keep their citizens safe. Every country decided to wait and see if the virus would reach them before taking measures, so that their stock shares and economy wouldn’t suffer. But, it did suffer, because once the virus was in, it spread like fire on dry kindling. Whether they were aware or not that it was too late then is hard to tell, but their economy is suffering more for their failure in keeping the virus out.

I’m not sure how this is going to end, or how many months or years it will take, but the way things are looking, it’ll definitely get worse before it gets better. Maybe people have considered this, maybe they haven’t – but with a virus that has spread in a few months worldwide, infected over a hundred thousand (that we know) killed thousands…. well, at this rate, it’s going to keep on going until most, if not all the world, have been infected. Whether by then a treatment will be found, or if people will be vaccined or not remains to be seen.

With this grim note, I’ll end this post with prayers  that this pandemic ends soon, with no more elements of the fantasy books I’ve read (they didn’t end well for humanity).


27 Replies to “This wasn’t my original post”

  1. We are getting a lot of mixed messages – and there is a marked lack of decisive action here in UK from the government, which actually is more unsettling. We’re working through a lot of uncertainty. It’s hard to convince some of the older ones to be careful, that’s the worry. Take case.

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    1. Not only that, but telling people to stay home when people have to work to provide for a family is hard, especially when the government isn’t helping with financial aid. This situation gets grimmer by the day. Stay safe.


  2. I hope you’re keeping safe, Jina. I think there are going to be a lot of discussions about how we should or shouldn’t have approached this, for some time to come. So many different ideas are being provided.

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  3. When I left for a weekend getaway, the number was no more than gatherings of 100. The next day it was 50. Today, in my “elderly” community it is 10. For purposes of virus, age 65 is elderly. That’s me in ten days. Lawsy.

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  4. I’m having trouble concentrating on writing with the stock market falling through the floor, with my governor confining me to my home, with advice as flawed as bacterial soap to fight a virus. Sigh. We will be alright. I’m sure of it.

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  5. Jina, your sentiments are mine. I’m in New York and have never lived through anything as drastic as this, schools, companies, restaurants, broadway plays, Boston Marathon, and many other events have were canceled. As you said, this will get worse before it gets better. Take care of yourself and your family. Don’t read any more apocalyptic novels 🙂

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  6. The issue here is sick pay is so low (unless you work for a government organisation), and some people who should isolate themselves aren’t bothering. I’m not even sure what the UK government strategy is 😦 Shelves are bare, people are scared, and it’s just chaos. Stay safe!

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    1. I believe people would isolate if they had some sort of income. But as long as the government are telling people to stay home and staying home isn’t putting bread on the table, people will keep violating their quarantine. I wonder how long it will take the figureheads to understand they’re losing more without providing some financial security for the people.
      Ah well… Stay safe!

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  7. I feel like I’m living in a sci-fi story, Jina. It’s such a weird time when the future is so unpredictable. This virus is coming and we have no idea how different the world will look after it’s barrelled across the world. While most of us will survive this physically, the emotional and financial toll is going to be huge. Kindness and compassion are the keys to coming out of this whole and together. ❤

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  8. I never imagined something so unprecedented would ever happen in my lifetime. It’s increasingly worrying and a very uncertain time for all, I just hope people can join together rather than work against each other. Stay safe & well  ♥
    Caz xx

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  9. I didn’t want to write about this, either. But I finally gave in and did so. Hopefully, I did put a bit of a spin on things, though.

    As much as this is serious, I believe that some people are blowing it out of proportion (hoarders).
    It’s astounding how unprepared companies are for things like this. This is not something that happens every day, but if you think logically, things like this are bound to happen. Why do they insist on just waiting until it’s too late? Idiots…

    Stay safe.

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    1. I read somewhere that a man bought 12 years worth of toilet paper. I believe most bloggers, if not all, will post something or other related to this virus within the coming months – it’s bound to happen 😉
      wash your hands, be safe.


  10. The scary thing about this virus is how quickly it spreads, which I believe is mostly because it takes almost two weeks for symptoms to appear. So, people who are infected don’t know it and spread it to others. But as for the mortality rate, it’s still around 2%, skewered highly toward the elderly and those with other health issues, particularly ones that affect the lungs. Some young and otherwise healthy people are getting it and dying, but the majority of the victims are older and/or sick. Obviously, we need to take this VERY seriously and to prevent as many deaths as possible, but it helps me to put it into perspective.

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    1. I keep reading that mortality rate varies between countries and factors – the geographic size of a place vs population; the number of tests conducted daily; the number of people receiving health care and so on. Some countries don’t even have enough test kits, so they’re simply forcing quarantines on anyone with a cold. If people just stayed home for a certain period of time – no socializing even with the neighbors, this would all get better soon.

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  11. I’m certainly hoping this doesn’t end like a dystopia or fantasy book either! And I agree that it doesn’t really matter how it started, just what we can do about it now it’s here. Hope you and your family are safe and well!


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