It’s been a while since I’ve last posted something and (I hope) some of you may have wondered where I went.

Sometimes life throws us a curve, and we manage to swerve, sometimes we don’t and we learn to adapt. This time around, I swung and I missed, and adapting is somewhat draining.

But I’m still around and still swinging. I just need some time off. I’ll be trying to get around and see what I missed – I have some comments I still need to reply to, and I’ll be getting around to those first.

Hopefully by next week, I’ll be back – the third part in the Bartholomew episode has been sitting for more than a month catching dust in my document folder.

I’d have waited till next week and just surprised everyone with the new Barth post, but given I’ve been telling myself “next week” for the past two, I decided to come and let everyone know I’m taking this hiatus.

Comments here are closed as I don’t think I’ll be getting back around here today, but if I do, I’ll try to visit those blogs I missed.

Hope everyone is doing well, and have a nice week ahead!