Philosopher Vs. housewife

I was doing the dishes yesterday, one huge pile of dirty glasses, plates, utensils and pots to one side; the empty dish rack on the other when the philosopher in me reared her head up and spoke.

The dishes theory states that: Dirty dishes are inversely proportional to clean dishes, the same way clean dishes are inversely proportional to dirty dishes.

This means that, like the high and low of see-saws, for every pile of dirty dishes stacked, there’s an equally low stack of clean dishes on the other side. The opposite is also true. For every stack of clean dishes piled to one side, there’s an equally low stack of dirty dishes on the other.

In simpler terms, washing dishes only make them available to be dirtied once more, while dirtying dishes mean you’ll only have to clean them again.


Sorry folks, just a little venting for today’s post.

I’m equally frustrated and amazed that the faster I clean, the faster everything is back in the sink!


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  1. Unlike the housewife, the philosopher inside you, I am sure is not frustrated. They think of something new, especially a new question which serves two purposes:
    1. Decelerate the rate of washing
    2. Leads to further questions, never the answers

    For instance, in this case, the philosopher may question if the sink size is the real cause of frustration, or if dishes are like relationships in our life

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    1. I like doing dishes, Jill. I like cleaning and cooking, especially if it happens in the kitchen. But I like those things when they come in moderation. Once, twice a day is perfect. Three times I can tolerate. But anything over that is too much!

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    1. No matter. If your fate is to become a dishwasher, you could have a phd in whatever you chose and still you’d be the dishwasher. An accountant dishwasher would know the exact number of utensils, glasses, plates and pots and the exact ratio they pose to each other and probability. An economist would know exactly how much water and soap you’re spending; a doctor would know how long to wash and in which temp to keep germs and bacteria away…. you get the point πŸ™‚

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  2. A ground breaking realization.
    Now what would be the solution? Like someone else already said – break all the plates you have and start using paper ones.
    Or, just hear me out – stop eating altogether.
    No, I know that wasn’t funny.
    I feel your pain.

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      1. haha, not at all. They actually like to clean. they dust and pick their toys and even clean my room – to surprise me. They’re simply too short yet to do the dishes. Save for my oldest, but that one , I’m thankful the days he remember to pick his dirty clothes off the floor and place them in the hamper – which he does when he realizes he’s running out of the clean ones.

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      2. I did make it sound that bad. No, they get cranky when they’re hungry – i only withhold candy and junk from them – but when you’re at the end of the rope, cranky may as well be the same as crazy πŸ˜‰

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    1. My kids wouldn’t mind doing the dishes. But two of them can’t even reach the faucet yet, and when they put a chair to access everything, they create a soapy bath all around. I’ll do the dishes, I just wished they’d stop the mitosis.

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  3. Haha! Sounds like my rationalization for not vacuuming. The floor will just get dirty again, so why spend the time? I once had a friend who took turns doing dished with her hubby. When it was her turn to do the dishes they used paper plates for dinner! πŸ™‚

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  4. Some days the dishes bother me more than on other days. I try to remember an author who said that after one stops cleaning, there gets a point when things don’t look any dirtier than the day before! He also said folks should clean after guests leave, not before they arrive lol

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    1. that’s true. It’s not only my kids dirtying things, but I seem to have collected the stray neighbor children as well – they forget that they have a home and parents too. But, I’m the kind of person who can’t not clean. I don’t mind the chaos and the toys.

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