Every Love

I haven’t read a poetry book since my high school years. But that doesn’t mean I stopped liking it. On the contrary, every now and then I come upon a particular piece that captures my attention and echoes in my mind long after I’ve read it. Every love has many pieces that reverberates and ricochets inside the brain for days after you finish reading.

When I was asked to read “Every love”, I said yes, knowing I was long past due for a poetry book.

This one is the kind of poetry that – I felt – bears the soul, gives glimpses of the sweet and innocent, to the dark and ugly, to the hurt and joy of unconditional love.

“By not saying a word, You tell me all, By the look in your eyes, I’m ready to fall.”

But love isn’t all and life goes on, no matter what we go through and what events will stay with us, what will change us.

“We’re paper on water, we float till we’re full, Drown in the wet, the mess, We bend we fold, Fragile, We trust the hands that hold us, We must, We get squeezed and we crinkle, We get ripped, we tear, A steady state of uncertainty, What mood shall it be? What colors will mark us for eternity?”

I’ve read this part so many times, I’ve memorized it. Isn’t that true to us all?

“ Dress this way, dress that, with faces so polished. Realities masked, real emotions demolished. When life catches up, it’s a slap in the face. Because life doesn’t care about our popularity race.”

Oh, isn’t life so fickle? Don’t we care, even a little, how the world will see and judge us… only to realize, sometimes too late, that we spent too long pleasing others and forgetting that we live only once?

“If time were a bubble we held in our hand, Would it pulse or move, change in color or expand? Would we hold it dear, with love, knowing it’s precious? Or would we consistently poke and abuse, be vicious?”

I picked up this book one morning as soon as I woke – and every one was still asleep. It took me only thirty to forty minutes to read from start to finish, but I’ve gone back twice more since.

Every Love will be released on July 21st, 2019 and it’s a great Sunday backporch evening read. I recommend it – especially to all women out there.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/45682047-every-love

Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07QWPWX74

44 Replies to “Every Love”

      1. I haven’t written a word in two months, Jina, other than the story I wrote yesterday. My goal is to start again on or before Sept. 1st. I still haven’t finished the first draft I started almost a year ago. Ugh, but oh well. 😀

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  1. Wow, it sounds like there are some very powerful and thought-provoking poems in there! You’re right, sometimes it’s nice to read some poetry books 🙂 A great review, thanks for sharing some of the tidbits with us

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  2. Jina, a beautiful and heartfelt review … with skill you’ve incorporated extracts from the poetry until the whole post becomes poetic! This sounds like a raw and honest study of our inner selves, the face we present to the world, the people we truly are. One line struck me particularly ‘What colors will mark us for eternity?”

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  3. That’s the thing with poetry books – I either read it in one sitting (which means I don’t really process any of the pieces), or read a couple at a time to focus more in depth, but then end up forgetting about it.

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