Help me win this award!

So Heir of Ashes – book 1 in the Roxanne Fosch Files was nominated for the 2019 Readers Choice Award by TCK Publishing.


I’m here to shamelessly ask for your vote to help me win – link below.

To vote, please click on the link below and then go to page 8 – fantasy category and click on Heir of Ashes.


I appreciate the help!


If you have any trouble voting, leave me a comment and I can walk you through it.


Thank you!

84 Replies to “Help me win this award!”

    1. Thank you, Jill. But it looks like most of the votes didn’t register. Can i bother you to click on the link again, then click on ‘change vote’ and vote again? Sorry for the bother.


    1. Thank you, Cath. But can i ask you to try again. Most votes didn’t register. I’d appreciate if you could go back, then click on change vote, and vote again? Sorry about the trouble.


    1. Thanks LA. But it seems like most of the votes didn’t register. Can i bother you to try again? Click on change vote and then vote for Heir of Ashes once more? Sorry for the bother – they kind of have a strict voting process to prevent vote manipulation .

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      1. Of course. I wondered, because you don’t get a great response to see if it counted! Also of course I had to pull up you post twice cause I forgot page 8….but now it’s inscribed in my memory….

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    2. It’s kind of frustrating. Between bloggers and friends, i had around 18 people vote yesterday and only 4 of them registered. Now I’m going around asking everyone to do it again. Sigh. Thanks again!

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      1. No worries. I think the issue is that it has to be registered with social media…I don’t have twitter or google + and I’m not sure if it logged in Facebook correctly. But I tried! Hoping it registered

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Hey guys,

    a fellow writer’s book is nominated for an award and our vote can help her win.

    Please go check this full post and you can always ask her if you get stuck in voting process, she is gem of a person!

    thank you 😊

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    1. Thanks. But can i ask you to do it again – the vote didn’t register. Click on ‘change vote’ then choose the book again? Thanks a lot for the support! Ah, they’ll ask you to confirm by logging with facebook or twitter

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      1. I went and voted. However, I’m not sure if it registered. SHould you get some kind of a confirmation? Because I click on your book, am asked to log in with Facebook/ Twitter or Google+, I log in with Twitter, and then it just never really goes anywhere from there.

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      1. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for your book, Jina.
        About late responses – same here; way too often life just gets in the way of our blogosphere activities.

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    1. Thank you! Did the vote go through? You should’ve been asked to confirm by logging to your sm account – precaution against cheaters.
      You’ll know it worked if you’re able to see the number of votes for each title.

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