Have you met Boredom and his twin, Time?

This is a post I published last year when I was scrambling around, trying to get things done within a reasonable frame of time. It’s a story about me and an old friend – Boredom – and how we tried to please Boredom’s twin, Time.


**Once upon a time, I had a friend called Boredom. Boredom and his twin, time, kept me company – until one day when they packed up and left me.



I miss you, Boredom, my friend

Gone are the days when Boredom and I’d roamed around the house, searching for something to occupy Time.

We’d sit and think about nothing and everything, life, friendship, love, hate, enemies, the sky.

For hours and hours you’d find me with Boredom, playing our favorite game: nothing. And wishing to pass to the next level: something.

Boredom was a fixture in my life, a permanent guest, and yes, an annoying presence.

I complained about Boredom a lot, talked behind Boredom’s back to a friend, a family, a passerby, even the parrot.

And then the inevitable happened. Boredom finally got the point, because Boredom got up and left me, and took Time, his twin with him.

And now my life is a quick marathon, with me always on the losing side.

I catch glimpses of time every now and then, always running away from me, slipping under the crack of the front door, the opening of a window, the keyhole. I try, but no matter how hard, I can never catch Time, not even brush a caring hand over any of its 24 tentacles. Of my old friend Boredom, there are no signs.

I wish I could see Boredom again, for a couple hours once or twice a week, to reminisce some time.


I have been absent from the blogosphere lately and (hopefully) some of you noticed and wondered why and when I’ll return to frequent blogging.

Well, I’m not here to say that I’m back, or even that I’m taking a blogging hiatus, just that I’m still around and may be putting on the Houdini act every now and then.

43 Replies to “Have you met Boredom and his twin, Time?”

  1. Great story. I can definitely relate. Take all the time you need. With taking care of family plus the upcoming Holidays we need to go Ghost as the young People say. Also you are entitled to Me Time. You’ve earned it. Grace, Peace and Blessings.

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  2. What a lovely story about something we all must have or would be facing with boredom and time!
    Also, I just came back to the blogging world but hadn’t noticed you were not around. Hope everything is ok and that you were not around because you were doing something more interesting?😊

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      1. Aaah ok ok, I completely understand, pretty much in the same boat where life’s demands have taken over my time of reading and writing this month. Hopefully December will be better😊
        She is absolutely fine now, thanks for asking😊 and today was her first no cry day at daycare too, so I was feeling doubly blessed!

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  3. You brought me back to…. childhood. The last time I was ever bored. Oh, how I wanted to be able to go out and DO and BE what I wanted to be. Once I discovered books and writing (and boys), well, boredom was no where to be found. Fun post, Jina. Time just keeps knocking on my door, and I keep batting her away. xo

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  4. Jina,I had noticed your absence but a lot of us seem to be doing a Houdini act at the moment. It’s lovely to read your post and you have me smiling and nodding in agreement. How we moaned and complained about that Boredom, when there just seemed to be too much Time! How I long for a visit from it now and then … maybe we should just issue an invitation,sit back and do … nothing! Hugs xx

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  5. I like your attitude. Boredom is my friend, muse, and teacher and we hang out sometimes. And this took my breath away: you do not apologize for blog lapsing, you blog or don’t blog at will–? What a relief.

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