When you sound like an idiot

When you sound like an idiot, do you turn around and act like that incident never happened, or do you look forward to when you’d be able to prove that you aren’t?

There’s an old saying that goes like: If it looks like a duck, moves like a duck, quacks like a duck…

What are the chances it’s not a duck?

Have you ever made a complete fool of yourself with someone you have just met? You go home wondering what the hell was wrong with you, and you promise yourself the next time you’ll act sane and normal, meaning you’ll make an effort to  behave.

And the next time, there you are, a fool again?

You’re not alone. Sometimes a duck will turn out to be a swan – it did happen in the movie…

And then you come here to wp and hope the sort of anonymity will take away that first meeting awkwardness.

And it works. Most times anyway.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that there are times when I make a fool of myself, no matter how furious I try not to.

Sometimes I read something I can relate, something I understand, something I’ve been through, I.e., writing. And when I try to impart my wisdom, out goes all the typos, spelling and grammar mistakes… none of which compare with the mishmash of words that make little to no sense at all.

And there I am, wishing fervently and desperately that I could delete that comment, or hope that spam will snatch it away, or that no one will see it there, displayed like a badge with my name. I could unfollow that blogger and act like that disaster never happened, but I’ve never been a quitter, and the feeling that I need to correct that impression would always nag. So I stay, and when the next post is published, I pounce to make a smart comment. And nope, I’m still embarrassing myself.

I know that when I’m old and gray that I’ll be able to look back with a fond smile, but, oh, it’s embarrassing. Has this ever happened to you?


51 Replies to “When you sound like an idiot”

  1. Hi Jina,

    don’t be so hard on yourself. There is much more important your intention than your comment.Comment is just support to that blogger, especially on a blog that is new in your blogger life.I sometimes write a comment on some blog, and then I delete it 🙂

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  2. If it is about comments you worry, just go to the bloggers contact page, ask them to politely delete or leave a comment asking them to delete. Most do it. I have also deleted when a blogger feels embarrassed

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  3. I do it often, not the commenting part( though it has happened and WP wont let me edit my comment on another’s blog), but in life outside WP I make a fool of myself and outdoing myself every other time.
    They say you learn from your mistakes, I say, when you make a mistake and get over it, you get the courage to make a bigger mistake 🙂

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  4. We’ve all been there. The one thing about those “moments” is that they’re lessons learned. Maybe we said something silly or unwise, maybe not; it’s all in the perception. But even if we did put our foot in our mouth, to use a tired saying, it’s all good; we’ll know better next time. . . . And yes, one day, we will [definitely] laugh.

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  5. It happens to all of us. My hearing is not what it used to be, so sometimes, when someone asks me a question, I’ll answer the question I thought I heard only to have my wife tell me afterwards that my answer made no sense. Then she tells me what the question actually was. Uh oh.

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  6. The duck-is-a-duck–I’m starting to believe it, now that I’m an elder. Sometimes called Occam’s Razor for those who want to sound more high-brow.

    And oh yes–I have made inane comments. So often I now pretty much step back before writing any sort of controversial comment. I may do it but not until it passes the would-I-buy-gas-station-sushi test. I better really think it’s a good decision.

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  7. All the time, Jina. I make typos, spelling mistakes, cringe-worthy grammatical errors. I call bloggers by the wrong name! Horrors! Ha ha. I usually laugh it off unless it’s appalling, in which case I’ll add a second comment and apologize for being a dork. Ha ha. A sense of humor goes a long way. And you know what, everybody makes those mistakes, even the pros. I laugh those off too. 😀

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    1. haha, Diana. I meant to reply sooner, sorry for the delay. I do all the above and worse, and i do it in real life too. I once went to the zoo with a friend and my kid and just to get under her nerve, i’d point left and say, ‘what’s this’ then point right and ask the same. I was waiting for her to get annoyed bbut she played along. and then i pointed directly at a guy on the left and said, “and yew, what’s this?”

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      1. laughter is the remedy to all, Diana. I’ve always believed that as it keeps me optimistic, even in bad situations. People say i’m a sarcastic person – which i am – but it’s better to laugh your way through life.

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  8. Jina, this happens to me all the time as well. Sometimes I might have missed one sentence in a story and got the gist totally wrong, misspelt names and even a couple of times wrote the wrong names as I was thinking of another person to answer! I cringe, grovel and yes, pounce on the latest post hoping to redeem myself. Nowadays, I take it a bit calmer with myself, don’t berate myself so … people understand and everyone is in the same boat! Enjoy blogging, commenting and don’t let it become a stress! Xx

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  9. I think the honest answer to this is ‘quack, quack’

    Actually, much as i might have fancied emerging from winter as a swan, when it comes to language, i think the duck’s voice is nicer. I also hope that so long as my errors don’t appear offensive, I’d rather continue to be a quacker, and live dangerously, on the page at any rate. 🙂

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    1. Well, Cath, I’d say after i published this post and reading all the responses, that you can’t go through life without doing the idiot part at least once. And yes, i’d rather quac and be true to myself than pretend to be a swan. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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