Some food for your thoughts – a little something for the weekend

I came across this poem a few days ago and have been thinking about ever since. So, I’m going to share it here with you guys and hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
And Kim, I know you said this poem is akin to horror (and you’re spot on, I can totally relate), but I can’t deny that a chuckle escaped at the ending – it’s so true!

Rejection, A Horror Story
by Kimberly Smyth
I was working at my desk late one night
Across my email came a dreadful sight
“Rejected Again!” The nasty thing said,
Actually, “We regret to inform you” instead
I hung my head in utter shame,
Outside the wind howled in the driving rain.
Lightning struck and thunder shook,
How will I ever write a book?
I thought as I pondered the cause
Number ten rejection I believe this was,
A blow to my ego, simply because
I’ve been trying so hard, has my talent fled?
Have I never had it at all
My conscious said.
This was just an essay, I’ve penned many of those
It shouldn’t have failed, not exactly prose.
If I can’t pass this easy test
No way I’ll ever become the best
At writing a book or a novel so well
All these rejections have put me through Hell.
Again and again, how much can one take?
This last one I got really took the cake.
An emotional story about my mother,
Rejected, just like all of the others.
Outside the storm continued to rage,
As I sat there in my four-walled cage.
The room where the “magic” is supposed to happen
Nothing like that, just another rejection….
Click here to read the rest:
I recommend reading till the end, my friends, it’s totally worth your time.


20 Replies to “Some food for your thoughts – a little something for the weekend”

  1. Think of what you would say to someone else if they were upset about another rejection. The internal feelings can be the worst part. Or I can forward you all mine but your computer would explode. 🤗 I know there was an author that kept all her rejections…now she shows them to illustrate it only took one yes. Even after a ton of rejections.

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