Alarm clocks are… alarming

Ever read a book where the protagonist wakes up with a start when the alarm goes off? Or ever read when the alarm doesn’t go off and because it didn’t, all hell breaks loose?

In a story, alarm clocks signals a start of something, the change in a scene, or just a reference that time has moved on.

In fiction writing, I’ve used alarm clocks and the incessant beeps once or twice.

But I’m here to talk about reality.

I’ve often wondered about the benefits of alarm clocks and why people use it.

To be truthful, I’ve never used an alarm in my life. (Not really never, but almost doesn’t really count, right?).

It may be a hereditary thing, or just the way I was brought up. My parents never – or almost – never used alarms in their lives before. And no, they didn’t always miss their appointments; we (the kids) were never late to school.

I wake up every day (on week days) between 5:10 and 5:30 am without the assistance of a watch. I may wake a few minutes before that, or a few minutes late, but that twenty minute window is when I wake up 90% of the time – weekends are different, of course.

I don’t mean we have something extra; it’s just the way people are. You know when you’re used to waking up at a specific time every day? Suppose you turn off that alarm, even if you wake up late, you won’t miss that timeframe by much. You’ll moan and groan and try to cover your head and go back to sleep, but no matter how much you wish for it, sleep will never come.

In the beginning of this year, my oldest, 11 years old, decided that he wanted to start waking up on his own. Because he still doesn’t have control of his “inner alarm”, he decided he needed to turn on his physical, very loud alarm.

And every morning, at 5:00 his alarm would go off. I’d wake up with a start, disoriented, break out a cold sweat,  and stumble blindly (pun intended), heart pounding in the froze of a pre-attack and search his room for the ringing device among the piles of clothes, candy wrappers and weird gadgets. And my son would go on, peacefully sleeping, unaware of the end of the world.

Now he’s twelve, and he thinks he’s old enough to wake up on his own. This time around, he came up with a plan. He read about this clock that jumps off the nightstand and runs away when the alarms rings, banging into furniture and bouncing in opposite directions. To turn it off, you have to catch the thing first.

Hmmm, I don’t think so.

Have you ever heard about “Clocky” before? Out of curiosity, I did a search on it and found it sells on Amazon – and comes with free shipping. I wouldn’t get one even if I was paid to take it!

How do you feel about alarm clocks? Do you depend on them or is your inner alarm reliable?



50 Replies to “Alarm clocks are… alarming”

  1. Most days I don’t need an alarm, nor does my husband, but he sets the damn thing anyway. It’s piercing disturbs my sleep when it is allowed to go off, and then he has to “bang”it three times for the light and noise to go off. I think if he tried, we could do without it. We wake up early, even on the weekends!

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  2. I’m retired, so there is no need to get up at a specific time any day. But I usually wake up on my own between 6 and 6:30. Some days I’ll sleep until 7, but when I do, I feel like my day is just a little off kilter.

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    1. On weekends i sleep about half an hour more than on weekdays, and i feel that half an hour the entire day – for example, i’ll think it’s nine and be surprized when it’s half past ten or something. Or, like you said, i feel off kilter too.

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  3. I almost always wake up on my own…and keep waking up until it’s really time to get up, but I have to set the alarm just in case because I can’t be late for work. Your story with your son was cute! I got a real image of Clocky! That sounds super terrifying, especially when waking up to it! 😂

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    1. Ah, my story with my son was real – i do get all those symptoms, and given that i am in fact blind, , my answer to his request was a flat NO!
      In hindsight though, it’s kind of funny. Clocky sounds like a nightmaer to me.

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  4. I usually wake up about ten minutes before my alarm goes off… usually. So, I set an alarm as a back up, and I have ended up needing it a time or two. You’re right though, on weekends, my body does wake up naturally and even if I’m still tired I can’t get back to sleep! And NO WAY with an alarm clock that runs away and bangs into furniture haha.

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  5. I used to when I was working. Now that I’m retired, No. I no longer answer to a clock or a full time job. My body clock usually wakes me between 4:30 am and 5:00 am. Now if I’m sick or went to an event or service that caused me to get home late then I wake up at 7:00 am.

    When I was working as a Museum Security Officer I often kept long strange hours due to the nature of the job. There were many days that I worked double shifts so that meant I would be up for 36 to 48 hours straight awake. Also my last two years at the Museum I worked nights, meaning I was awake when most people were asleep. Late shift workers body clocks are thrown off. Many times after working double shifts sometimes for two days in a row I’d put on the alarm but my body was so tired I slept right through it!

    And for women there is menopause which throws off your sleep cycle. The wonderful world of night sweats that wake you up early in the wee hours of the morning. Gotta Love that Change of Life! LOL!! However now that I’m getting closer to age 60, (next year) I’m not as sweaty and sometimes I can even sleep through the night! Hooray! Age also plays a part as your sleep needs change as you get older. I sleep less now than when I was a teenager, 20s, 30s, and 40s. Of course the good thing about being a Retiree are those afternoon naps! Excellent!

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    1. There are always exceptions and things that throw off our inner clock. menopause is still a far away concern – i’m 34, soon after i have a c-section, I’d get the hot flash and my sleep and appetite all get mixed up. I too sleep less now than i used to when i was younger.

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  6. Hi jina, hope u doing good.
    About alarm clocks even sometimes I get tempted to use them but then eventually after waking disoriented to alarms for a day or two I shift towards my biological clock.
    If we eat healthy, we sleep well and our body automatically wakes up early feeling fresh.

    I would say that waking up feeling fresh is a blessing indeed.

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    1. Nightmare indeed. It was only one clock among a dozen similar ringing nightmares. There was one that came as a puzzle. the moment the alarm starts ringing, the thing scrambles. you have to piece the puzzle to make the thing turn off. I can see me buying that as a joke to gift a friend, or in spite, for a foe… but to use it in the next bedroom over? shudders!

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  7. I’m laughing at the alarm clock you chase around the room and have heard about it! It’s bad enough with the phone one … I seem to have had an alarm of onesort or another since forever, which doesn’t mean I like them but a necessity. How typical your son didn’t wake with the alarm but gives you a terrible shock instead. My son refuses to use an alarm clock and still wants me to wake him, ever so softly! I’ve warned him at uni next year he’ll have to set one …

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    1. Haha, Annika, kids are lazy as long as they know mom will be there to pick up whenever they slack up.. Your son will do fine when he leaves because he’ll know if he doesn’t wake on his own, no one else will wake him.

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  8. I used to trust my inner alarm. I would be up every morning at just before 6am…. Now I have a new job and I usually don’t get home until very late and need time to unwind before sleeping. It’s thrown off my whole internal clock!! Luckily I still don’t have to set an alarm, though, as I never work until later in the day!

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  9. Oh, I hate my boyfriend‘s alarm 🚨since I had my son 10 years ago he is my alarm and I’ve got a well trained inner clock. Still, I set an alarm, just because I’m afraid I might be too tired (which I’ve been for the last 10 years as well) to wake up 😂

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