Book Promo – Heir of Ashes on sale for three weeks!

Sales, sales


Who doesn’t like a good book sale?

Well, it’s been pointed out to me that I haven’t done a book sale since the beginning of may, and that I should correct my mistake.

So, here I am. For the next three weeks, Heir of Ashes will be priced at $0.99 on Amazon, smashwords and every retail bookstore.

Roxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life at the age of twelve. Cool, popular, pretty, smart. Her dreams of a perfect, successful and prosperous future seemed well within her grasp.

By the time she was twenty-two she had become a commodity. A fugitive. She was being hunted.

As Roxanne embarks on the dangerous quest to search for half-truths about her past, she discovers she’s not just an abnormal human, but a rarity even among her Fee peers.

She is hunted by scientists, keen to exploit her extraordinary abilities, as well as other beings far more dangerous whose plans for her she cannot fathom






And don’t forget that the prequel, The Curse, can be downloaded for free via Smashwords here:


So it’s really two for the price of $0.99!



20 Replies to “Book Promo – Heir of Ashes on sale for three weeks!”

    1. hmmmm, not sure. Heir of Ashes is the first book in the Roxanne Fosch trilogy. The Curse is a short story with some background info on the events of the overall story. If you read it before, you’ll have some insight on why things are happening with the MC in Heir of Ashes, if you read it after, you’ll have some questions answered. . Some readers preferred reading The Curse once they finished Heir of Ashes, but most read it before.

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