Some – a midnight muse

Some people move on and never look back
Some people move on, but leave mind and heart in the past
I have been absent lately from the blogosphere working on the second book in the Roxanne Fosch trilogy, Heir of Doom.
The edits and revision are going well, and I hope I’ll have the manuscript ready for the betas very soon.
Meanwhile, I woke in the middle of the night and the two phrases above flowed in my mind like water. Groggy and sleepy, I typed them on my laptop (half were typed wrong), knowing I’d forget all about it in the morning.
When I read them again with an alert mind, I knew I’d be sharing it here with you guys.
Until next.


19 Replies to “Some – a midnight muse”

  1. Read somewhere that communication between your brain hemispheres when awake travels from the more ‘rational’ left to the more ‘creative’ right side, but that during REM sleep, there is no dominant pattern. I guess the creative process continues during sleep…

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      1. Same.
        I keep telling myself to get a small notebook and keep it on my nightstand, but then I forget, or tell myself that I don’t have THAT many (good) ideas at night.
        I have recently started carrying a notebook with me when I go out for longer than to the store.
        People tell me to take notes on my phone, and sometimes I do, but to me, it’s not as convenient as pen and paper.

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