How going on a baking binge helped me write a book

I have been invited to guest post here on Esme’s blog. Since this is mostly a food blog and I love to cook, I’m going to share here how baking helped me get published. It’s true that stress and worry kill creativity, and that a good work out improves focus. Every writer, sooner or later, will worry about his/her manuscript, whether it’s because of a scene that… Source: How going on a baking binge helped me write a book

15 Replies to “How going on a baking binge helped me write a book”

  1. Dear Jina, thank you for taking part and sharing your post on Esme Salon and then sharing it here on your own blog. I hope your followers will hop over and read your post and then maybe also be interested to participate to do a Guest Post or an Interview on my blog.

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  2. What a terrific story! I’ve never baked to get through drafting, but I have baked to immerse myself in the developing tale. I’ve written several historical fantasies set in the 19th century, and I had to be able to cook the way I wanted my characters to do. I did a lot of research on what was available at the time, and it was fascinating. I came away from that project with a lot of respect for all those female ancestors of mine who always managed to get the meal on, even if they had to shoot it themselves and cook it over an open fire. 🙂

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