Q & A with Prachi (See how Prachi’s questions made me squirm)

As promised before, I’m going to reblog the interviews and reviews for Heir of Ashes here in my blog, and today I’m doing Prachi’s interview.
Click on the link below to continue reading how Prachi made me squirm with her questions and how I compare myself to my main character, Roxanne.
Q & A with Prachi:
I’m so excited about this post! This will be my first author interview and I am really grateful to author Jina S. Bazzar for sparing some time from her busy schedule around the launch of her new book (Heir of Ashes), and answering some of my silly and some serious questions:

Me: Has writing always been a passion for you? What was your writing schedule like, when you wrote this novel?
Jina: I can’t say that writing has always been a passion, though there was a phase during my rebellious teens when I used to write poems, some of which I still have.
Now my writing schedule is like most things in my life: chaotic, to say the very least. When I write and how much I write, depends on my mundane routine, and of course, my children’s mood. Then there are the times when the story has me by the throat and all I can do to stay sane is type, and the world around me is nothing but a background blur.
Me: Is this the first book you have written, or have there been other books that were written and published or are unpublished?
Jina: Hmmm. No. There was a trilogy before Heir of Ashes, a miserable and embarrassing failure I have stored under lock and key. It was a wild and foolish impulse, but it served to teach me that writing isn’t just putting down a string of words.
Me: How did you come about the idea of this book, and who was your inspiration for the Heroine? Was there a specific reason you decided for the lead to be a female character than a male character?
Jina: When I was trying to fix that first trilogy, Roxanne started gaining form in my head, and eventually the storyline became persistent enough that I opened a new file and let the words flow.
I’ve always been fascinated by female heroines who start up from zero, and then grow to become a power to be reckoned with, and so it never really occurred to me to make the main character male.
Me: I’m sure there are going to be more books in the series, since I have so many questions now! Can you tell us how many books there will be in this series? Or will that be a secret?
Jina: There will be three books in this series, though there’s room for debate yet on a fourth one.
The second book, Heir of Doom, is already on its second draft. Soon I’ll be sending copies for the betas, and hopefully by early next year, Heir of Doom will be released.
Me: What do you want the readers to feel for Roxanne? Is she like you?
Author Interview with Jina S.Bazzar (Author of Heir of Ashes)

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