The Friends you make through blogging

What if you meet someone over the internet that you can connect to, and then all of a sudden that person disappears?
What would you do?
Ever since I began blogging, I met so many nice people. Some I consider friends, some friendly acquaintances, others I know and talk too occasionally.
I’ve run into so many nice people in this cyber circle, some I know by name but have never met, some I’ve had the occasion to reply to a provoking comment, others I tried befriending but who well, ignored me.
Although I’ve had the occasion to trash some comments, spam others, most people I met are polite, if not friendly.
There are some of the people who I met through blogging that I talk to almost every day – through blogging or by e-mails – sometimes twice, three times a day.
I have shared with some of those friends’ things I’ve never told anyone, listened to their worries, their dreams and ambitions.
And a nagging question that keeps circulating in my mind every time I think about one of them is: what if something happens to me, or them, and our letters just stop suddenly?
It’s a question I contemplated asking these friends, but for some reason, I never did.
And then a few weeks ago a friend of mine, a pastor from Illinois just disappeared. She was down with a cold the last we talked, and I wished her well, but she never returned my other inquiring e-mails, and that was about two weeks ago.
And I have no idea who to contact or how to find out if she’s alright or not. I know the name of her husband, her son, but no web search comes up with any social media, or even the correct name with some address or something that I could try and contact them with.
There’s complete silence from her side. Her blog hasn’t had a post in over a month, her other social media pages the same thing.
And now what?
How do you know if someone you met over blogging is alright, dead or alive?
What would you do if a friend of yours suddenly disappeared from the blogosphere and every other social media places?
I wish I knew, and where you are, Charlotte, my friend, I hope that you are well, just unable to write back.


31 Replies to “The Friends you make through blogging”

  1. I never thought of it this way…we are so emotionally connected through this medium with so many people….people who have touched our hearts with amazing writing….your post has really made me wonder about all this now….great work👌

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  2. I’ve always played chess over the internet including some socializing. One in particular I was very fond of. One day he dissappeared. Never answered an email. It’s been 10 years, but it’s hard to forget the conversations we had.

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  3. I know. You form connections, and sometimes….poof. And I worry sometimes, because I know there are some people who are sad or lonely, and other people seem fine, but do we really ever know? It’s the good and bad thing with the anonymity…we are able to connect because we don’t feel we are being “judged” because these are not people we interact with day to day irl, but at the same time….the situation makes it impossible to “help” or check in. I don’t know what to tell you cause I have no answers

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  4. It is troubling when people just disappear. It’s why I appreciate it when people say they are going to be away for an extended time. When it happens, though, I hope it’s because other wonderful things are happening in their lives. ❤

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  5. Sadly I don’t have any advice. A friend of mine vanished without trace a year ago and I still haven’t been able to make contact.
    I truly hope you manage to reconnect with your friend. It’s sad not knowing what may have happened, especially when you were close.

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  6. You know, this has crossed my mind. I need to write a special message in the event that anything happens to me for my husband to publish on my blog, Facebook, and other social media platforms (well, except for Twitter). Thank you for such a thoughtful post. I needed the reminder.

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  7. This kinda of happened with one of my blogging buddies. She had a blog about depression and she was trying her best to recover. Her blog went silent and then a few weeks later, someone had posted (from her blog, on her behalf) that she died. I actually cried a few tears as I thought about how sad that was. Then, I was a little miffed because I wanted to know more. What happened? Was she okay in the end? Did it have something to do with her depression? Anywho, it happens. It feels just like any other loss, and sometimes more because we actually get to know one another here. So, I’m not sure what to do. I suppose be grateful that you met the person and hope (as you did in the end) that s/he is okay.

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    1. i do still send her e-mails occasionally and try searching for her husband and son, who is a computer science graduate, so must have a social media account somewhere.
      i hope someday she’ll contact me and tell me some silly story about why she stayed out of reach for so long.
      thanks for sharing.

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