The Writer in the Closet

Are you a writer in the closet?
When I first began writing about five years ago, I let no one know. I’d sit in my room with my laptop, typing away the story that clogged my mind. I knew I wanted to write, I just had no idea how, or that I could.
Then one day, when the words became too loud inside my head, I decided to purge them into a word document. I had no intention to show it to anyone, so I had no expectations, absolutely no reason to meet or consider anyone’s approval.
Of course, the outcome was nothing I could brag about or even be proud of.

I am a stubborn person, determined and a bit thorough with things I want done. I’m no perfectionist, but I am not easily satisfied with things.
Because of that stubborn streak I have, I decided to try again. And again. And again.
For three years I told no one.
I wrote, saved and archived. Then moved on to something else.
But I never told a soul.
I’m not sure if I was embarrassed, ashamed of my writing, or afraid of rejection – that my writing wasn’t good enough for someone else to be proud of me.

But I overcame my fears, mostly by connecting with virtual strangers who had that same insecurity as I did.
And yes, the problem wasn’t with my writing (I might be a little biased here – but every writer is) but it was insecurity, the lack of confidence that had kept me cooped for three years inside that closet.
And the reward of finally being out in the open is a rewarding, satisfying feeling that I get every time someone reads what I wrote. It was after that, after I began sharing my writing with others that I realized how much I wanted that.
Above is the link of the article I published on Conscious Talk Magazine about Writers in the Closet, and a few tips that can help them take that first, necessary step out of the closet.

17 Replies to “The Writer in the Closet”

  1. I do what you do. Sometimes my brain needs to say goodbye to reality for a few hours. I write pages and pages and pages. Eventually I type it up and print it but the only one who reads it is my 13-year-old sister.

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  2. Insecurity is so ready to keep us back, but it has little to do with our writing, as you said. It’s just confidence. Personally, I’ve found working with editors and beta readers rewarding as they latch onto what I’ve written and help me polish it into what I wanted it to be.

    You might be interested in our Writers Club, by the way. It offers free help with finding beta readers, and free editing by a professional as well.

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  3. I’m so glad you came out of the writing closet. It is difficult and scary, but if we can find the right (write) community to share our work, the support and gentle criticism will fuel our creative fires. Great recommendation, Jina. Happy Writing.

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