Earlier today my team mate Didi Oviatt posted a few articles about thanksgiving; eating disorder; thanksgiving for vegans; children and parents; along with what happens in other parts of the world during the month of November.


The reason I’m telling you this is because I tried to reblog it, but the ‘reblog’ button still won’t work for me. I usually share a post by pressing it, but that’s not how I wanted this post to look like, so I took a page from Didi’s book – or a post from her blog and rewrote it again.

Here’s the amalgamation of articles of articles Didi shared in her blog, and I’m now sharing:


Celebration: Tap Into Its Sacredness and Grow

By Julia Flynn

“We humans love a celebration! We celebrate traditional milestones like marriages, birthdays, and holidays or creative ones like Champagne Thursday and/or the first warm spring day. We enjoy our cake or special meal, clink glasses, chatter with guests, and ultimately have fun. We give little thought, if any, to the sacredness of celebrations…


Teaching Children about Gratitude & Thankfulness

By Kim Knight

“What does it mean to be grateful? According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the definition of this adjective is ‘showing or expressing thanks, especially to another person.’ As adults, we often do this without a second thought, most of the time. The question is…”


Self Reflecting As A Parent

By Didi Oviatt

“Self reflecting as a parent is extremely important. There are a few imperative questions that every parent should ask themselves. Questions that are often left unaddressed. They linger in the air between parents and children, sometimes…”


Thanksgiving: The Vegan Way

By E. Denise Billups

“The most daunting time of the year for many vegans is Thanksgiving dinner. When celebrating the holidays as someone else’s guest, vegans find themselves surrounded by turkey and dishes containing dairy and eggs and limited options of side dishes and salads to choose from. But look carefully, side dishes may also be drenched in creamy dressings or sprinkled with cheese and bacon bits. Scrutinizing every morsel isn’t fun and undoubtedly annoying when questioning the cook about every ingredient. And indeed, you don’t want to watch everyone enjoy the holiday while your stomach is growling…”

Surviving Thanksgiving: For Those With An Eating Disorder

By Savannah Esposito

“Thanksgiving for most is a time where families come together and enjoy each other’s company while surrounded by an abundance of food. Most people don’t think about what that holiday is like for those who struggle with eating disorders. For those who have an eating disorder, Thanksgiving can be a nightmare, filled with anxiety. There are ways to get through this holiday…:


The Harvest of Peace

By Jina S. Bazzar

“…Scientifically, olive trees are known worldwide to possess healing properties, as it contains strong anti oxidant and are rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. It also helps to maintain a healthy digestive track, both for children and adults alike…”


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