What is wrong with us?

Violence is so rampant in the world, I’m amazed at how low humanity has gotten. For this post, I wanted to list to you all the mass shooting that happened during these past couple years in around the world and guess what?

There are so many of them, links within links within categories, that I just couldn’t list them all within a post. There are years to choose, or shootings committed by individuals, or cults, or religion, or groups. There are numbers of victims, or schools, or malls or parking facilities, churches or events – all links, options to make your search easier.

So many, I was . . . amazed is not the word, or even horrified, but something in between that is combined with sadness. I mean, back some years I used to listen to the news, I knew how bad it was. But the news prioritizes, and some headlines are more prominent than others, and if something wasn’t of high relevance, it’d be mentioned just in passing. It got to a point that the news no longer talked about happy events, or nice things that happened in a place.

If some good deed is mentioned in a news report, it has to be something of high proportion, and that happens with such rarerity, sometimes years can pass without one being brought up. It’s depressing, and the news is something I no longer care to know. But I do catch some headings here and there, mostly now that I started blogging.

Civilians from all around the world watch the news with sad eyes, wondering when, or if, those in power would ever do anything about it. Angry demands are shouted at the gates of politicians, but nothing so far has been made to assure the public. Americans are angry with their government, and most, if not all, of the population are waiting to see where and when the next mass shooting will happen.

On the last issue of Conscious Talk Magazine, both Denise and I published articles on gun control and the recent mass shootings, which I wanted to share here below:

Conscious Thoughts: Should Governments Ban The Legalization Of Firearms?


Most people have the tendency to become violent at a point in their lives, depending on the circumstances, though they may never act on it. Some people need a higher level….

Conscious Thoughts: Gun Control Laws


….In the last decade, more than 100,000 people have been slaughtered in gun violence. Besides mass killings, millions of Americans are victims of various gun assaults—domestic violence, robberies, drive-by shootings, and more. Not to mention injuries inflicted by children accidentally acquiring their parent’s firearms.

In recent…..

13 Replies to “What is wrong with us?”

  1. I think regardless of what time period we live in, such atrocities will exist, in the past or in the future. Guns may be outlawed (I’m all for that), but it doesn’t mean violence won’t continue to exist in households or that there won’t be corrupted individuals in power.

    I think it’s a part of human nature for us to tend towards violence, but that becomes suppressed when we enter society. So such atrocities, ignorance or apathy are morally wrong and horrifying, yes, but I don’t think they’re entirely unexpected of us as human beings.

    In this case, I suppose the only thing we should do is to keep pressing on and for change. We’re only spreading the horror if we don’t push back against it after all.

    Thank you for the great post. Made me think.

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  2. Gun violence is senseless. I’m trying to launch that new blog I’ve told you about and then the shooting happened in a church in a very small town 35 miles southeast of San Antonio. When I was in seminary in Austin, we’d preach in churches, very small churches, sometimes as far away as the Texas coast. So somehow that shooting cuts close to the bone, but the truth is that all of these shootings are such a sad, heartbreaking waste of lives. The post I’m about to put up on that new blog is also about mass shootings. Once again, our minds seem to be tracking along similar lines. Thank you, Jina, for your words. One person at a time, the world gets better.

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  3. We experience about 3000 gun deaths in the US every month. That’s a 9/11 every month and our inability to do anything about it is outrageous. I share your shock, Jina. It’s insanity. It’s not safe to go to a movie, a concert, church, walk a bike path, run in a race, or go to kindergarten. Something is really wrong when money is more important than life. 😦

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      1. I don’t know if its a matter of punishment. The threat of punishment doesn’t seem to make much of a difference when one is in a rage or deranged. Personally, I think it’s the proliferation of guns, the increased lethality, the lack of regulation, and the gun industry’s desire to sell more and more of them.

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