Improving your writing and that work in progress

To all the writers out there:

Want some tips in perfecting that work in progress that you’ve been struggling with?

Didi Oviatt, author of Search for Maylee, and Kim Knight, author of award winning romance, have published some interesting article on this topic .

Six Steps to Avoid Plot Gaps In Your Fiction Writing

Sometimes it can feel as though writing is the easy part, you just let it all out onto a page. The hardest is the….


Take That Project From Boring To Soaring

Do you ever feel like you’re swimming in circles? The water never changes temperature, there is never a current speeding the flow around you. You’re constantly….

Or if you need help with naming your characters, try this one:

Fiction Writing: How To Choose Fitting Names For Your Characters

Giving the characters of your book fitting names is often a very frustrating process. One that, unfortunately, every writer has to go through….


9 Replies to “Improving your writing and that work in progress”

  1. You know with the character names, it’s really annoying when they have similar names. When I was reading Throne of Glass, there were multiple times when I read Aedion as Aelin or vice versa and so I imagined it wrong and it didn’t make sense, so then I had to read it again, and that took me out of the story.
    But I get that sometimes family members have similar names because parents consider that to be cute or it’s tradition or something.

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