What I know about Halloween – Coming from where it doesn’t exist

A few weeks ago, I was asked to write what I thought about Halloween for Conscious Talk Magazine’s fifth edition – live on October 30th.

Back when I was in high school I attended a private school for those who were born somewhere else and didn’t speak enough of the local language to be enrolled in local schools.

Now, I didn’t speak English either when I was enrolled, but English was closer to Portuguese, so that’s where my parents thought I’d fit.

(Those kids might as well have been speaking ancient mandarin!)

Almost everyone in that school came from the U.S.A, with only a few exceptions, and when Halloween came around, we’d go trick or treating from class to class – because that isn’t a common holiday here, and those kids missed it.

In Brazil there’s a similar day, but it’s attributed to a couple saints and it falls on the end of September, so I only knew about Halloween back from the E.T movie from when I was really young.

Anyway, here’s the article I wrote:

The History: Halloween – All Hallows Eve Is It An ‘Evil’ Or Fun Holiday?


Halloween originates back thousands of years ago, to the time when the ancient Celtic used to celebrate the end of a long harvest season and the beginning of the darker time of the year. They believed that…

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