E. Denise Billups – author, blogger, entrepreneur, fellow columnist

Center stage today is E. Denise Billups, a woman with so many talents, I’m in awe.

A fitness enthusiast; Denise is the embodiment of a healthy living.

She’s completed several national and international marathons, participated in countless races. She starts her day with a sweaty run, a thirty minute or more of stretching and yoga,  and well, coffee.  And although I’m a proud carnivore, I admire the will power and determination it takes people like Denise to follow a vegan diet for years without breaking.

To top it off, Denise is the proud author of a couple of fictions and thrillers, as well as a short supernatural story. You can find her books here.

Like with Didi and Kim, I began following Denise’s blog when I first started blogging a few months ago, and was glad when she joined the team on Conscious Talk Magazine.

Here are a few of Denise’s excellent articles from the magazine:


Is Halloween an Evil or Fun Holiday?

For many, including myself, Halloween is a fun autumn holiday filled with trick-or-treating, costumes, candies, carving pumpkins, and ghoulish theme parties. This tradition brought to America by….

Halloween Flicks: Don’t You Love Good Fright?

Hollywood has unleashed fright for their devoted fans. Every autumn, numerous horror movies hit the theater, a profitable practice for popular movie franchises—Friday the 13th, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Halloween, Nightmare on Elms Street, and more. This year….

Health Watch: Outwitting Your Genetics

Do you ever wonder if your efforts to live healthy will prevent you from inheriting your family’s legacy of diabetes, heart disease, or cancer? You might be on the right path….

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