Is it an ornament or a digestive noose?

There are things in our day to day lives that we have no idea are harmful to our health. Ordinary things, like the pretty belt you like to wear to work, or a formal occasion, or just to keep your jeans from falling.

A few days ago my article on belts and their side effects was published on Conscious Talk Magazine, and today I’m going to share it here with you.

Please note that comments are very much welcome, either here or at the magazine, I will reply to either.


Belts: Are They An Ornament Or A Digestive Noose?

Aside from being a useful accessory for many, belts can also be considered ornaments, a final touch that adds more panache to what a person wears. Around dresses, pants, even long shirts. But these pretty ornaments are actually not as harmless as people believe. Aside from hurting the wallet….


13 Replies to “Is it an ornament or a digestive noose?”

  1. Fascinating article and congratulations on getting it published! I never thought of belts as digestive nooses before, but your reasons make a lot of sense. Perhaps I should wear belts more often and use it as a diet tool. If it gets too tight while I’m eating, then I need to just shut my mouth. 🤐

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