Is it an ornament or a digestive noose?

Aside from being a useful accessory for many, belts can also be considered ornaments, a final touch that adds more panache to what a person wears. Around dresses, pants, even long shirts.

But these pretty ornaments are actually not as harmless as people believe. Aside from hurting the wallet, these accessories can actually be dangerous to our health.

A constricting belt – or waistband, can cause the following:

  1. When worn tight around the waist, it can work as a digestive noose, preventing the blood to flow normally; the food and gas from moving down.
  2. It can cause acid reflux, consequently resulting in discomfort and heartburn – which is the result of stomach acid in the esophagus.
  3. Stomach ache and lower back pain can also be the result of a tight belt or waistband, which happens when the pressure compresses the nerves on your lower back.
  4. It can also cause your legs to tingle, numbness or a burning sensation; a condition doctors call meralgia paresthetica.

Never thought that pretty thing you keep tourniqueted around your waist could be so evil?

Well, only when it’s worn wrong or too tight can a belt or waistband cause any harm. The right belt, or one that is a size bigger, or loosely worn around the waist is considered nothing but a fashion statement.

If you aren’t sure about that beautiful belt you have inside your closet, just make sure that two fingers are easily inserted between belt and skin.

13 Replies to “Is it an ornament or a digestive noose?”

  1. Fascinating article and congratulations on getting it published! I never thought of belts as digestive nooses before, but your reasons make a lot of sense. Perhaps I should wear belts more often and use it as a diet tool. If it gets too tight while I’m eating, then I need to just shut my mouth. 🤐

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