Didi Oviatt – fellow blogger, columnist and author

Like I said on my last post, today I’m going to start sharing some of the best articles of some of my teammates from the magazine.

Let’s meet Didi Oviatt, who’s also a blogger, one that I began following even before we began writing for Conscious Talk Magazine, her writing is amazing!

Didi is also a talented author, having published several books and collection of suspenseful short stories. You can read more about her and her books in her Amazon page here.

Some of Didi’s latest articles from the third edition of conscious talk are:

Conscious Thoughts: Interracial Couples

Humans are funny about opinions. We all have one, but we all have a rear end too. Is it really necessary to push it onto someone in disagreement? Especially when its sole purpose is harmful, and its intention is to be disrespectful to a fellow person?


Should Marijuana be Legalized Nationwide in the U.S.A.? Conscious Thoughts

The list of diseases and medical ailments that Marijuana helps to slow, treat, and minimize symptoms could be amongst the longest lists in medical history!


You Know Your Strong Willed Child Better Than They Do

Lots of people maybe in a hurry to give advice or to judge. Especially on matters that they might not actually know much about, such as how someone else is parenting a strong-willed child.


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