Conscious thought: Cannabis

Conscious talk is back online.


A week ago it had to go offline because the site caught a gremlin (who knew these things were real?).


Now, a week later, the site got a new once over, a touch up and is looking pretty good.

And no more gremlins!


In the next couple days I’ll be sharing with you guys a teaser of an article, both mine and my colleagues at the magazine, so stay in tune.


I’ll start today with a conscious thought, which is a topic everyone in the team writes an article about.


Today’s topic is:
Cannabis for medicinal use. Should cannabis be legal? And what’s my country’s stand on it?


Now, I’ll confess I’m pretty naïve, because when I read cannabis, I had no idea what that was. So I went online to research, wondering, how can I write about something I’ve never heard about?


Here’s what I came up with:


Cannabis is just a polite name for marijuana:

The moment I heard the word ‘cannabis’ and ‘medicinal usage’ put in the same sentence, I went Google searching. I have come to realize, during this brief internet research that the cannabis plant is used in many medicinal researches against many illness and diseases…



So, have you ever heard about cannabis before?

What do you think? Should marijuana be available for medicinal usage?

I’d appreciate a comment from you, either here or at the link.



17 Replies to “Conscious thought: Cannabis”

    1. hopefully someday patients who need it will find it available. It’s thought provoking. I think if i was someone suffering from some other disease like ms and cannabis was a solution, i’d probably try to find myself a source. which is worse, because i wouldn’t know how to administer it, the doses and all.


      1. True. Beyond a certain limit such pills become addictive, especially analgesics because they relieve you of pain and give you a feeling of well being. This might turn harmful later.


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