Book review: Wild fire by Ilona Andrews

Wild fire – The hidden legacy 03


Book review: Wild fire (no spoilers)

Author: Ilona Andrews

Series: The hidden legacy (03)

Paper back: 391 pages

Publication date: July 25th 2017 by Avon


This last book begins soon after Nevada discovered that her grandmother, Victoria Tremaine, has uncovered her identity and cuts her romantic retreat with Rogan short. She rushes home to deliver the bad news to her family, only to find Rynda Charles, Rogan’s former fiancé in her home. But Rynda, despite all she has gone through and Nevada’s involvement in her social pariah status, requests the assistance of Baylor investigative agency to search for her missing husband, the prime head of house Sherwood.

Against her grandmother Frida’s warnings about accepting a job from a clingy, vulnerable woman who was also Rogan’s ex-fiancé, Nevada accepts the case and is thrown right back into the conspiracy. But there’s still Victoria Tremaine to deal with, and after a tense debate, Nevada, her sister Catalina and Bernard decide to undergo the necessary trials to become a house and gain a three year reprieve where no house, including house Tremaine can attack them without facing dire consequences.

As Nevada uncovers evidences and surprising plots, she still manages to balance her blossoming romance with Rogan, avoid getting killed by the conspiracy, and dodge Victoria Tremaine’s indirect kidnap attempts.

Wild Fire is a fast paced, alluring book that keeps you turning page after page. I wasn’t surprised with its unique authenticity, and as usual when I read one of Ilona Andrews’s work, I always wonder where they come up with all those amazing ideas. I admit book 1, Burn for me wasn’t a total hit like all other prior books by these authors, but book 2, White hot and book 3, Wild fire get a rate of 6 out of 5. I’m not going to compare this individual book with another, but against the Kate Daniels’s series, the Hidden legacy has measured up and surpassed it in its unique plots, character development and amazing dialogues. I recommend it to anyone who has had a marginal liking to Ilona Andrews’s prior works and guarantee you will not only like it, but love it. It was amazing!


Well, this is my first time writing a book review, but I loved this book so much, I just had to do it. Sorry if I didn’t do a great job there or if I missed some pointers I was supposed to make or something.



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