Chapter 8 – The Vigil


                        Chapter Eight


The Vigil…


On the other side of the street, Oberon watched the exchange unseen. He knew this chain of event would be problematic, even if he had refused to interfere at the beginning. But it had struck him then and there, while he kept watch over Bella that perhaps this was meant to be all along. Now he waited. If the dark witch was right, at the end of the next trimester, Oberon would be taking Bella and the offspring to the Seelie land with him.

Despite of Leon’s doubts and his advisor’s arguments, Oberon was not one to question fate.

He might have been wary when Fosch and Bella had met – by chance – soon after the dark witch had completed the ritual, but Oberon couldn’t have asked for a better turn of events. He had contemplated snatching Bella the moment she had conceived, as had been arranged with Arianna. But it would be to him Fosch would  come first, and the dark witch had reassured him by the end of the trimester the residual of the ritual would be all sucked inward, a last layer of protection for the scion. So, against some protests, he had let Bella’ to her own devices, to live as much of the mortal’s life as she had wanted to. The reminiscent of the ritual the dark witch had used was fading as promised, and soon Oberon would be able to claim his prize from Fosch, fulfill his agreement with Arianna.

Oberon watched as Fosch rubbed Bella’s foot gently, brushed his hand over her belly. If he hadn’t known any better, Oberon would have guessed Fosch was in love, or very much besotted.

Oberon chuckled to himself, shook his head in amusement. Fate, that mysterious force.

It complicated things, yes, he understood his advisors warnings, but this, this scion was so much more than what they had expected. He understood there would be need of treachery, of carefully treaded steps to acquire this particular scion, to return Bella to the Seelie land for protection until the sidhe healers could find a way to make her recover. Yes, this hadn’t been part of their agreement with Arianna, but both Queen Titania and Maeve had decided upon it, already sent inquiries over their lands respectively.

He frowned into the night, knowing that this part would be trickier.

“Do you believe , Leon, that Zantry is no longer?”

His enforcer contemplated his question. “It has been a long time since his return. I cannot say.”

“Perhaps,” Oberon mused, “If he happened to return, then Arianna would not be inclined to stay human.”

Leon angled her head, looked at the couple on the sofa. She had been a fierce advocate against the couple, had predicted a gruesome feud between the court and the Dhiultadh. “Arianna claimed he had not registered for more than a full cycle. She would not make such claim lightly.” she replied, then turned to face her liege. “We have found another patch of death. It seems like the third have opened another portal.”


… … …



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