Oh, humble, hubristic blogger


So you’ve started a blog. You’re excited. You’ve written your very first post, received your very first ‘like’, your very first follower.

You check that followers post – you’re so happy – you read and ‘like’ half the posts on their blog before moving on to your reader, read and ‘like’ everything as you move down on it.

It’s exciting, a wonderful journey, even if when you check in the morning, no one new is following your blog, no one new ‘liked’ your post, traffic is nil. Still, you’re confident, everyone says it takes time, so you persevere, you write new posts, you ‘like’ and follow and comment on other people’s blog.

And when spam catches a comment, you feel a rush of adrenaline . . . your very first comment!

And so,

Time moves on.

You wake up, you check what’s new, you read every new post of followers, ‘like’, comment, possibly reblog the ones that reaches to you.

Your followers grow, so do the ‘likes’ and comments and traffic. You join communities, make yourself known.

Time moves on.

You ‘like’ those you have been following for a while, drop a comment to a particular post that you enjoyed. Write new, interesting posts on the topic you most enjoy writing, bask on the attention it receives. You skim over the names you don’t know, though you still ‘like’ their comments. Sometimes you make the effort to respond to their comments, sometimes you check their blogs, even ‘like’ a post or two, just to mark your presence.

Time moves on.

You have a lot of followers, plenty of ‘likes’, a lot of comments. And the traffic, my god, the traffic. You can even stay a couple weeks without posting and the traffic would hardly drop.

It’s amazing.

Time moves on.

You’re so busy. You ‘like’ only the posts that you really like. You follow no one new, unless it’s someone you know, someone who’ll enhance or give your career a boost. You reply only to comments you like. Some of your posts don’t even have the comment option anymore, it’s tedious to ‘like’ and reply to everyone.

Time moves on.

You forget that once upon a time you were a new blogger and became all excited when people ‘liked’ one of your posts, made a comment, followed your blog.

You’re busy, you can’t reply to everyone.

The new follower that ‘likes’ everything you post? You’re too busy to acknowledge him/her . . . his/her comments don’t even warrant an approval to show on your posts.

Maybe it’s because it went to spam, but again, you don’t have time to check that either.

You don’t notice when a follower no longer is following you, but if you do, what’s one against all others?

You don’t notice when another does.

When you do, you tell yourself one goes, two begins. No worries.

Time moves on.

Some of the followers you ignore start ignoring your posts. Others keep ‘liking’ them, too sunny a disposition to care about being ignored. Some stop following you, since you’re unresponsive anyway and are just filling up their social mail.

Time moves on.

Your followers aren’t growing as before. Traffic is still great, so no worries. You still comment occasionally, check the reader for an interesting topic every now and then. Maybe you follow that someone who wrote the interesting title, though you don’t check your inbox for anything new from that follower. You still ‘like’ the posts of some of your original followers – they’re like family now.

Time moves on.

You likely won’t lose the traffic, or if you do, it would be in a long time coming. Your follower’s number is big enough that you wouldn’t also lose that either. Your blog is stable, steadily rolling in an infinite railroad track.

But you lost the respect of some, and for someone who started a blog from 0 just like those you ignored, you’re being hypocritical.

Go on, check on those who posted a comment. At least approve, ‘like’ them. Let those who commented, ‘liked’, or shared your post know they’re appreciated.

Start from the oldest to the newest so that you won’t leave anyone behind. It might take time for you to reply back and the endless mail might never end, but that’s a price you pay for growing, and one you should do proudly. And you’ll get to check everyone who took the time to pass through your blog and leave a mark.

Your followers would keep growing, no one would feel ignored.

Time moves on.

You built up a community, there is a line to join.

But you appreciate everyone, acknowledge their ‘likes’, comments, follows.

You remember that once upon a time, you were like them, just a seed in the cyber-land, building yourself from the ground up.


Jina S. Bazzar


3 Replies to “Oh, humble, hubristic blogger”

      1. [ Smiles ] Yes, at the end of the day, we are all bloggers under the Sun (or under the Moon).

        But for some unknown reason, some bloggers on WordPress tend to suffer from the “Rockstar complex.”

        Once we remain humble and always remember that we were once like those newcomers to blogging, all should be fine!

        Liked by 1 person

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